Spiritual Experience Index (SEI) – REVISED (SEI-R)

Genia‚ V. (1997).
1. I often feel strongly related to a power greater than myself.
2. My faith gives my life meaning and purpose.
3. My faith is a way of life.
4. I often think about issues concerning my faith.
5. My faith is an important part of my individual identity.
6. My relationship to God is experienced as unconditional love.
7. My faith helps me to confront tragedy and suffering.
8. I gain spiritual strength by trusting in a higher power.
9. My faith is often a deeply emotional experience.
10. I make a conscious effort to live in accordance with my spiritual values.
11. My faith enables me to experience forgiveness when I act against my moral conscience.
12. Sharing my faith with others is important for my spiritual growth.
13. My faith guides my whole approach to life.
Spiritual Openness Subscale
1. I believe that there is only one true faith.
2. Ideas from faiths different from my own may increase my understanding of spiritual truth.
3. One should not marry someone of a different faith.
4. I believe that the world is basically good.
5. Learning about different faiths is an important part of my spiritual development.
6. I feel a strong spiritual bond with all of humankind.
7. I never challenge the teachings of my faith.
8. My spiritual beliefs change as I encounter new ideas and experiences.
9. Persons of different faiths share a common spiritual bond.
10. I believe that the world is basically evil.
This instrument can be found on page 8 of Self Report Measures for Love and Compassion Research: Spiritual Experience & Religiosity‚ Fetzer Institute‚ available online http://www.fetzer.org/sites/default/files/images/resources/attachment/2012-10-19/MultidimensionalBooklet.pdf
Point values are assigned as follows:
1= Strongly Disagree‚ 2= Disagree‚ 3= Somewhat Disagree‚ 4= Somewhat Agree‚ 5= Agree‚ 6= Strongly Agree
Items 1‚ 3‚ 7‚ 10 in the Spiritual Openness Subscale are reverse-scored. Each subscale is scored separately. Scoring is kept continuous.

Genia‚ V. (1997). The Spiritual Experience Index: Revision and reformulation. Review of Religious Research‚ 38‚ 344-361.