Mental‚ Physical‚ and Spiritual Well-Being Scale

1.    During difficult times do you reach out for spiritual help (e.g.‚ God or a higher being‚ church or place of worship‚ prayer‚ priest‚ etc.)?
2.    Do you watch quiz programs?
3.    Do you read novels?*
4.    Do you engage in thoughtful discussions about ethical or moral issues?
5.    Over recent months have you been lethargic or tired?
6.    Do you read or study about religion or spiritual issues?
7.    Do you collect as much information as possible on a subject before making judgments on it?*
8.    In the past year‚ have you suffered nausea and/or vomiting?*
9.    Do you engage in games that are designed for mental stimulation (e.g.‚ bridge‚ crosswords‚ chess‚ etc.)?
10.In the past year‚ have you had stomachaches and/or indigestion?
11.Do you engage in serious self-analysis of your behavior for the purpose of improving your moral behavior?*
12.Over the past year‚ have you suffered headaches?*
13.Do you visit places of culture‚ art‚ or creativity (e.g.‚ museum‚ art gallery‚ theatre‚ etc.)?
14.When you gain insights into life from which others could learn‚ how often do you share them with people close to you?*
15.Over the past year‚ have you been constipated?*
16.Do you believe in life after death?*
17.Over the past year‚ have you written for pleasure (e.g.‚ letters‚ stories‚ poems‚ etc.)?*
18.How long have you been making use of an activity for obtaining inner peace (e.g.‚ meditation‚ yoga‚ prayer‚ etc.)? 1 “I have not”‚ 3 “<5yrs”‚ 5 “>10yrs”
19.Over the past year‚ have you taken steps to improve your environment (e.g.‚ made your home or office pleasing‚ provided yourself with more objects of beauty‚ etc.)?
20.Over the past year‚ have you gone on a diet to lose or gain weight?
21.In recent months‚ do you wake up fresh and rested most mornings?*
22.Do you discuss matters of the spirit (e.g.‚ purpose in life‚ religion‚ inner peace‚ death‚ etc.)?*
23.Do you think before you act?*
24.Over the past year‚ have you tried to enhance your personal or spiritual development (e.g.‚ meditation‚ yoga‚ praying‚ etc.)?
25.Are your hands and feet warm enough‚ generally?*
26.Do you watch‚ read‚ or listen to the news?
27.Do you watch documentaries?*
28.Do you suffer diarrhea at least once a month?*
29.Over the past year‚ have you experienced aches and pains?
30.Do you make use of meditation and/or prayer for the purpose of gaining inner peace?
* Reverse Scored
(1) Often‚ (5) Never
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