Christian Faith Practices Scale (CFPS)

Christian Faith Practices Scale (CFPS)
Sherr‚ Stamey‚ & Garland‚ 2009
1.    I attend weekly worship services
2.    I participate in Bible study activity.
3.    I share the Christian story with others (evangelism).
4.    I study the teachings and history of the Christian church.
5.    I pray.
6.    I confess my faults to others.
7.    I forgive and work toward healing relationships with others
8.    I encourage others‚ especially when they fail.
9.    I give financial support to my church.
10.I provide hospitality and care to strangers.
11.I volunteer time to help those less fortunate
12.I participate in activities that promote social justice in society.
13.I discuss Christian response to contemporary issues with other Christians.
(a) Serving; (b) Devotional Practices; and (c) Relating
1- Never‚ 2-Rarely‚ 3-Once in a while‚ 4-Sometimes‚ 5-Often‚ 6-Almost Always‚ 7-Always
Devotional Practices (items 1‚ 2‚ 3‚ 4)‚ Relating (items 6‚ 7‚ 8)‚ Serving (items 10‚ 11 and 12)

Sherr‚ M. E.‚ Stamey‚ J.‚ & Garland‚ D. R. (2009). A faith practices scale for the church. Family and Community Ministries‚ 23(1)‚ 27-36.