Attitude toward Lesbians and Gay Men Scale (ATLG)

1.    Lesbians just can’t fit into our society.
2.    A woman’s homosexuality should not be a cause for job discrimination in any situation.
3.    Female homosexuality is detrimental to society because it breaks down the natural divisions between the sexes.
4.    State laws regulating private‚ consenting lesbian behavior should be loosened.
5.    Female homosexuality is a sin.
6.    The growing number of lesbians indicates a decline in American morals.
7.    Female homosexuality in itself is no problem‚ but what society makes of it can be a problem.
8.    Female homosexuality is a threat to many of our basic social institutions.
9.    Female homosexuality is an inferior form of sexuality.
10.Lesbians are sick.
11.Male homosexual couples should be allowed to adopt children the same as heterosexual couples.
12.I think male homosexuals are disgusting.
13.Male homosexuals should not be allowed to teach school.
14.Male homosexuality is a perversion.
15.Just as in other species‚ male homosexuality is a natural expression of sexuality in human men.
16.If a man has homosexual feelings‚ he should do everything he can to overcome them.
17.I would not be upset if I learned that my son were a homosexual.
18.Homosexual behavior between two men is just plain wrong.
19.The idea of male homosexual marriages seems ridiculous to me.
20.Male homosexuality is merely a different kind of lifestyle that should not be condemned.
Strongly Agree 1‚ 2‚ 3‚ 4‚ 5‚ 6‚ 7‚ 8‚ 9 Strongly Disagree

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