Attitude Toward Rape (ATR)

[a] A woman can be raped against her will
[b] The reason most rapists commit rape is for the thrill of physical violence
[c] Rapists are “normal” men
[d] In forcible rape‚ the victim never causes the crime
[e] All rapists are mentally sick
[f] A ch‎arge of rape two days after the act has occurred is probably not rape
[g] A woman should be responsible for preventing her own rape
[h] A man who has committed rape should be given at least 30 years in prison
[i] Women are trained by society to be rape victims
[j] A raped woman is a less desirable woman
[k] During a rape a woman should give no resistance
[l] Rape provides the opportunity for many rapists to show their manhood
[m] Women provoke rape by their appearance or behaviour
[n] “Nice” women do not get raped
[o] Most ch‎arges of rape are unfounded
[p] In order to protect the male‚ it should be difficult to prove that a rape has occurred
[q] Rape is the expression of an uncontrollable desire for sex
[r] Rape is the worst crime that can be committed
[s] Rape is a sex crime
[t] All rape is a male exercise in power over women
[u] During a rape‚ a woman should do everything she can do to resist
[v] Rapists are sexually frustrated individual
[w] In most cases when a woman was raped‚ she was asking for it
[x] The reason most rapists commit rape is for sex
[y] Rape of a woman by a man she knows can be defined as “woman who changed her mind afterwards”
[z] A convicted rapist should be castrated
[aa] A woman should feel guilty following a rape
[bb] The degree of a woman’s resistance should be the major factor in determining if a rape has occurred
[cc] A raped woman is a responsible victim‚ not an innocent one
[dd] Rape serves as a way to put or keep women in their “place”
  • Rape
  • Violence
This instrument can be found on page 28 of Measures for the assessment of dimensions of violence against women: A compendium Compiled by Michael Flood‚ available online at:
1=strongly agree  to 6=strongly disagree

Feild‚ H.S. (1978). Attitudes toward rape: A comparative analysis of police‚ rapists‚ crisis counselors‚ and citizens. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology‚ 36‚ 156-179.