Attachment to God Inventory

Attachment to God Inventory

(Beck & McDonald‚ 2004)


The following statements concern how you feel about your relationship with God. We are interested in how you generally experience your relationship with God‚ not just in what is happening in that relationship currently. Respond to each statement by indicating how much you agree or disagree with it‚ using the following scale.

1= Disagree Strongly . 2= Disagree ‚ 3= Disagree Slightly‚ 4= Neutral /Mixed ‚ 5= Agree Slightly‚ 6= Agree ‚ 7= Agree Strongly


___1. I worry a lot about my relationship with God.

___2. I just don’t feel a deep need to be close to God.

___3. If I can’t see God working in my life‚ I get upset or angry.

___4. I am totally dependent upon God for everything in my life.

___5. I am jealous at how God seems to care more for others than for me.

___6. It is uncommon for me to cry when sharing with God.

___7. Sometimes I feel that God loves others more than me.

___8. My experiences with God are very intimate and emotional.

___9. I am jealous at how close some people are to God.

___10. I prefer not to depend too much on God.

___11. I often worry about whether God is pleased with me.

___12. I am uncomfortable being emotional in my communication with God.

___13. Even if I fail‚ I never question that God is pleased with me.

___14. My prayers to God are often matter-of-fact and not very personal.

___15. Almost daily I feel that my relationship with God goes back and forth from “hot“ to “cold.”

___16. I am uncomfortable with emotional displays of affection to God.

___17. I fear God does not accept me when I do wrong.

___18. Without God I couldn’t function at all.

___19. I often feel angry with God for not responding to me when I want.

___20. I believe people should not depend on God for things they should do for themselves.

___21. I crave reassurance from God that God loves me.

___22. Daily I discuss all of my problems and concerns with God.

___23. I am jealous when others feel God’s presence when I cannot.

___24. I am uncomfortable allowing God to control every aspect of my life.

___25. I worry a lot about damaging my relationship with God.

___26. My prayers to God are very emotional.

___27. I get upset when I feel God helps others‚ but forgets about me.

___28. . I let God make most of the decisions in my life.


Anxiety Subscale: Odd items; Avoidance Subscale: Even items

Note. from “”Attachment to God: The Attachment to God Inventory‚ Tests of Working Model Correspondence‚ and an Exploration of Faith Group Differences‚” by R. Beck and A. McDonald‚ 2004‚ Journal of Psychology and Theology‚ 32‚ p. 103. Copyright2004. by Rosemead School of Psychology. Reprinted with permission.