Warr’s Job Satisfaction Scale (WJSAT)

1.    The physical work conditions        
2.    The freedom to choose your own method of working
3.    Your fellow workers
4.    The recognition you get for good work     
5.    Your immediate boss         
6.    The amount of responsibility you arc given         
7.    Your rate of pay      
8.    The opportunity to use your abilities        
9.    Industrial relations between management and staff
10.Your chance of promotion/reclassification
11.The way the organization is managed       
12.The attention to suggestions you make    
13.Your hours of work  
14.The amount of variety in your job
15.Your job security     
16.Now‚ taking everything into consideration‚ how do you feel about your job as a whole?       
1.    Freedom to choose your own method of working
2.    Amount of variety in your work
3.    Physical working conditions
4.    Opportunities to use your abilities
5.    Your colleagues and fellow workers
6.    Recognition you get for good work
7.    Your hours of work
8.    Your remuneration
9.    Amount of responsibility you are given
10.Taking everything into consideration‚ how do you feel about your work?
Intrinsic 1‚ 2‚ 4‚ 6‚ and 9); Extrinsic (items 3‚ 5‚ 7‚ 8)
1= extremely dissatisfied; 2 = very dissatisfied; 3 = moderately dissatisfied; 4 = not sure; 5= moderately satisfied; 6 = very satisfied; 7 = extremely satisfied

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