Overall Job Satisfaction scale


This measure (Overall Job Satisfaction scale) was developed by Taylor and Bowers (1974) as part of a survey of organizations questionnaire. The measure assesses job satisfaction by combining employee responses to single items that describe the degree of employee satisfaction with the work, co-workers, supervision, promotional opportunities, pay, progress, and the organization to assess overall job satisfaction.


Coefficient alpha values ranged from .67 to .71 (Larwood, Wright, Desrochers, & Dahir, 1998; Singh, 1994).


In Singh (1994), overall job satisfaction correlated negatively with em­ ployee equity comparisons outside the organization. Overall job satisfaction also correlated negatively with turnover intention and job market fluidity (Larwood et al., 1998).


Cook, J. D., Hepworth, S. J., Wall, T. D., & Warr, P. B. (1981). The experi­ ence of work: A compendium of249 measures and their use. London: Aca­ demic Press. Items were taken from p. 26. Copyright © 1981 by Academic Press. Reproduced with permission.

Responses are obtained on a 5-point Likert-type scale where 1 = completely satisfied and 5 = completely unsatisfied.


  1. All in all, how satisfied are you with the persons in your work group?
  2. All in all, how satisfied are you with your supervisor?
  3. All in all, how satisfied are you with your job?
  4. All in all, how satisfied are you with this organization, compared to most?
  5. Considering your skills and the effort you put into your work, how satisfied are you with your pay?
  6. How satisfied do you feel with the progress you have made in this organization up to now?
  7. How satisfied do you feel with your chance for getting ahead in this organization in the future?

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