Teacher’s Perceptions of General Invitations for Involvement from the School

1.    When children are enrolled in this school‚ parents are made to feel welcome.
2.    This school’s office staff treats parents courteously and promptly.
3.    The principal at this school is interested and cooperative when talking to parents about their child.
4.    Teachers at this school are interested and cooperative when they discuss a child’s progress with parents.
5.    Parents feel welcome at this school.
6.    This school does a good job of letting parents know about ways they can help out in school.
7.    Parent activities are scheduled at so that parents can attend.
8.    This school lets parents know about meetings and special school events.
9.    This school’s staff contacts parents promptly about any problems involving their child.
10.This school does a good job of letting parents know about school rules and policies.
11.Teachers at this school keep parents informed about their children’s progress in school.
Disagree very strongly = 1‚ disagree = 2‚ disagree just a little = 3‚ agree just a little = 4‚ agree =5‚ agree very strongly = 6

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