Teacher Perceptions of Parent Efficacy for Helping Children Succeed in School

1. My students’ parents help their children learn.
2. My students’ parents have little influence on their children’s motivation to do well in school.
3. If my students’ parents try really hard‚ they can help their children learn even when the children are unmotivated.
4. My students’ parents feel successful about helping their children learn.
5. My students’ parents don’t know how to help their children make educational progress.
6. My students’ parents help their children with school work at home.
7. My students’ parents make a significant‚ positive educational difference in their children’s lives.
Disagree very strongly = 1‚ disagree = 2‚ disagree just a little = 3‚ agree just a little = 4‚ agree =5‚ agree very strongly = 6

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