Teacher Report of Parents’ Involvement

1. Attend scheduled parent-teacher conferences.
2. Attend meetings or workshops at school.
3. Contact me when their children are ha‎ving a problem with learning.
4. Contact me when they have something really good to report about their child’s learning.
5. Volunteer in my classroom or in the school.
6. Ask me for specific activities they can do at home with the child.
7. Discuss TV programs with the child.
8. Help the child with homework.
9. Listen to the child read.
10. Give me information about the child’s needs‚ interests‚ or talents.
11. Talk to the child about the school day.
12. Visit my classroom at school.
13. Take the child to the library or community events.
14. Attend children’s performances at school.
In general‚ how much confidence do you have in the accuracy of your estimates on the items above? (Please circle the response that’s most appropriate for you). (I am completely confident‚ I am pretty confident‚ I am just somewhat confident‚ I am not very confident).
1=none‚ 2=10-25%‚ 3=30-45%‚ 4=55-70%‚ 5= 75-90%‚ 6=all

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