Parent-Teacher Involvement Questionnaire parent version

In the past year‚
1.    In the past year‚ you have called your Child’s Teacher.
2.    In the past year‚ your Child’s Teacher Called You.
3.    In the past year‚ you have Written Child’s Teacher.
4.    In the past year‚ your Child’s Teacher Has Written You.
5.    In the past year‚ you stopped by to talk to your child’s Teacher.
6.    In the past year‚ you have been invited to your child’s School for Special Event (such as book fair).
7.    In the past year‚ you have visited your child’s School on Special Event (such as book fair).
8.    In the past year‚ you have been invited to Attend Parent-Teacher Conference.
9.    In the past year‚ Attended Parent-Teacher Conf.
10.In the past year‚ you have Attended PTA Meetings.
11.You Feel Welcome to visit your Child’s School.
12.You Enjoy Talking with your Child’s Teacher.
13.You feel your child’s Teacher Cares About Child.
14.You think your child’s Teacher is Interested in getting to know You.
15.You feel Comfortable Talking with your child’s Teacher about your Child.
16.You feel your child’s Teacher Pays Attention to your Suggestions.
17.You ask your child’s Teacher Questions or make Suggestions about your Child.
18.You Send Things to Class like story Books and other things.
19.You help your child at home with subjects that he/she is ha‎ving difficulty with.
20.You Take your Child to Library.
21.You make sure that your child gets his /her homework done.
22.You Volunteer at Child’s School.
23.Your Child’s School is Good Place for your Child to be.
24.The Staff at your child’s school Doing Good Things for Child. Have Confidence in People at your child’s School.
26.Your child’s school is doing a good job of Preparing Children for their Future.
Quality of the Relationship between Parent and Teacher .896‚ .893
Parent’s Involvement and Volunteering at School .745‚ .815
Parent’s Endorsement of Child’s School .905‚ .885
Frequency of Parent-Teacher Contact .658‚ .658
Items 1-10: 0=“never”‚ 1=“once or twice a year”‚ 2=“almost every month”‚ 3=“almost every week”‚ 4=“more than once per week”
Items 11-22: 0=“not at all”‚ 1=“a little”‚ 2=“some”‚ 3=“a lot”‚ 4=“a great deal”
Items 23-26: 0=“strongly disagree”‚ 1=“disagree”‚ 2=“not sure”‚ 3=“agree”‚ 4=“strongly agree”

Corrigan‚ A. (2002). Parent-Teacher Involvement Questionnaire: Parent Version (Fast Track Project Technical Report). Available from the Fast Track Project Web site‚

Miller-Johnson‚ S. & Maumary-Gremaud‚ A. (1995). Parent-Teacher Involvement: Parent Version (Fast Track Project Technical Report). Durham‚ NC: Duke University

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