Susceptibility to Embarrassment Scale

Susceptibility to Embarrassment Scale
Kelly & Jones‚ 1997


1. I feel unsure of myself.
2. I don’t feel comfortable in public unless my clothing‚ hair‚ etc. are just right.
3. I feel uncomfortable in a group of people.
4. I don’t mind being the center of attention. (R)
5. I probably care too much about how I come across to others.
6. I feel inadequate when I am talking to someone I just met.
7. I feel clumsy in social situations.
8. I feel uncomfortable leaving the house when I don’t look my best.
9. Sometimes I just feel exposed.
10.I feel humiliated if I make a mistake in front of a group.
11.I get flustered when speaking in front of a group.
12.I often feel emotionally exposed in public and with groups of people.
13.It is unsettling to be the center of attention.

14.I get tense just thinking about making a presentation by myself.
15.I have felt mortified or humiliated over minor embarrassment.
16.I am very much afraid of making mistakes in public.
17.I don’t like being in crowds.
18.I do not blush easily. (R)
19.I often worry about looking stupid.
20.I feel so vulnerable.
21.I am concerned about what others think of me.
22.I’m afraid that things I say will sound stupid.
23.I worry about making a fool out of myself.
24.What other people think of me is very important.
25.I am not easily embarrassed. (R)
(R) Reverse scored item.

Cronbach’s alpha coefficient was 0.92. (Maltby and Day ‚2000)

7-point Likert-type scale (1=not at all like me; 7=very much like me)

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