Stress in General Scale

1. Demanding
2. Hectic
3. Calm
4. Relaxed
5. Many things stressful
6. Pushed
7. Pressured
8. Irritating
9. Under control
10. Nerve-wracking
11. Hassled
12. Comfortable
13. More stressful than I’d like
14. Smooth-running
15. Overwhelming
Pressure (0.88)‚ Threat (0.82) and Total (0.91)
1=never‚ 2=rarely‚ 3=sometimes‚ 4=often‚ 5=all of the time
The original scale utilizes three response options: “yes” (coded as 3 points)‚ “no” (coded as 0 points)‚ and “I can’t decide” (coded as 1.5 points)

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