General Self-Efficacy Scale (NGSE) – Chen

1. I will be able to achieve most of the goals that I have set for myself.
2. When facing difficult tasks‚ I am certain that I will accomplish them.
3. In general‚ I think that I can obtain outcomes that are important to me.
4. I believe I can succeed at most any endeavor to which I set my mind.
5. I will be able to successfully overcome many challenges.
6. I am confident that I can perform effectively on many different tasks.
7. Compared to other people‚ I can do most tasks very well.
8. Even when things are tough‚ I can perform quite well.
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strongly disagree (1) to strongly agree (5)

Chen‚ G; Gully‚ SM; Eden‚ D. 2001. Validation of a new general self-efficacy scale. Organizational Research Methods. 4: 62- 83.