State Impulsivity Scale (SIS)

State Impulsivity Scale (SIS)
M. M. Iribarren‚ M. Jiménez-Giménez‚ J. M. García-de Cecilia & G. Rubio-Valladolid4‚ 2011
1.    I seek activities where I obtain rapid pleasure‚ even if they are harmful
2.    I generally fall into temptations that make it hard for me to fulfill a commitment
3.    I seek immediate benefits instead of waiting for something better later on
4.    I continue doing certain pleasurable activities even if the others warn me that they are harmful for me
5.    When I have a craving for something‚ I go for it immediately‚ without being able to wait
6.    I obtain more pleasure transgressing than controlling my actions
7.    It is hard for me to control my reactions even if I do not get what I want
8.    It is hard for me to stop doing something when I see that I am making a mistake
9.    I have automatic reactions that I cannot avoid
10.If I do something and do not obtain the results I expects‚ it is hard for me to do something else
11.I usually react in the same way‚ even if it is not the appropriate time or place
12.I do not restrain my reactions no matter how much others tell me to stop
13.I repeat the same way of acting many times even if it does not achieve what I am seeking
14.I generally make mistakes because I react so quickly that I do not pay sufficient attention to important details
15.When something unexpectedly occurs‚ I act without considering the consequences
16.I draw erroneous conclusions because I do not wait for the appropriate time
17.Sometimes I do not pay attention to the immediate consequences of my actions
18.I respond before someone has finished asking me a question
19.In some situations‚ I do not wait long enough and act prematurely
20.I act without thinking that others may get angry because of what I do.
Factors (Alpha): Reward (0.84)‚ Automatism (0.809)‚ and Attentional (0.756)
Almost never‚ Sometimes‚ Quite often‚ Almost Always/ Always
Reward: items; 1‚ 2‚ 3‚ 4‚ 5‚ 6‚ and 7. Automatism: items; 8‚ 9‚ 10‚ 11‚ 12‚ and 13. attentional: itmes;14 to 20.

Iribarren MM1‚ Jiménez-Giménez M‚ García-de Cecilia JM‚ Rubio-Valladolid G. (2011). Validation and psychometric properties of the State Impulsivity Scale (SIS). Actas espanolas de psiquiatria; 2011 ;39(1):49-60.