CCK Impulsivity Scale

CCK Impulsivity Scale
Carli Pentz and Colin Willis.‚ 2012
1. I rarely cry.
2. I enjoy thrills such as riding roller coasters.
3. I look before I leap.
4. I often feel what other people feel.
5. If a crowd gets excited about something‚ I do too.
6. I think before I speak.
7. I prefer to participate in activities rather than plan them.
8. It makes me mad to see someone treated unjustly.
9. I check my email frequently throughout the day.
10. I believe risks are a necessary part of life.
11. I am often unprepared for meetings.
12. I am more concerned about my feelings than others.
13. Certain pieces of music can really move me.
14. I study a lot before tests.
15. I cry during sad movies
16. I stick to my diet.
17. Seeing other people smile makes me smile.
18. When I see something I want‚ I need to have it right away.
19. I like to surprise my friends
20. I enjoy helping others.
21. I have trouble maintaining a serious relationship.
22. I like puzzles.
23. I take many breaks at work.
24. I get angry easily.
25. I enjoy being physically active.
26. I have trouble sleeping.
27. I often feel sad or blue.
28. If I fail a quiz‚ I study harder for the next one.
29. Complaining rarely solves anything.
30. Being right is more important than being nice.
31. I prefer short assignments rather than long readings.
32. Gossiping is bad.
33. I am the first person to leave a long lecture.
34. I often interrupt others.
35. I am comfortable lying to protect someone’s feelings.
36. I plan ahead.
37. A friend’s needs take priority over my own.
38. I weigh the consequences before taking action.
39. I am good at hiding my emotions.
40. I often drive over the speed limit.
Sensation Seeking‚ Lack of Premeditation‚ Lack of Perseverance‚ and Urgency
1=Strongly Disagree‚ 2=Disagree‚ 3=Neutral‚ 4=Agree‚ 5=Strongly Agree

Pentz. Carli and Willis .Colin.‚ 2012. CCK Impulsivity Scale Validation. Eukaryon‚ Vol. 8‚ March 2012‚ Lake Forest College.