Sense of Belonging Instrument SOBI-P & SOBI-A

Sense of Belonging Instrument SOBI-P & SOBI-A
Hagerty and Patusky‚1995
1.    I often wonder if there is any place on earth where I really fit in.
2.    I am just not sure if I fit in with my friends.
3.    I would describe myself as a misfit in most social situations.
4.    I generally feel that people accept me.
5.    I feel like a piece of a jig-saw puzzle that doesn’t fit into the puzzle.
6.    I would like to make a difference to people or things around me‚ but I don’t feel that what I have to offer is valued.
7.    I feel like an outsider in most situations.
8.    I am troubled by feeling like I have no place in this world.
9.    I could disappear for days and it wouldn’t matter to my family.
10.In general‚ I don’t feel a part of the mainstream of society.
11.I feel like I observe life rather than participate in it.
12.If I died tomorrow‚ very few people would come to my funeral.
13.I feel like a square peg trying to fit into a round hole.
14.I don’t feel that there is any place where I really fit in this world.
15.I am uncomfortable that my background and experiences are so different from those who are usually around me.
16.I could not see or call my friends for days and it wouldn’t matter to them.
17.I feel left out of things.
18.I am not valued by or important to my friends.
1.    It is important to me that I am valued or accepted by others.
2.    In the past‚ I have felt valued and important to others.
3.    It is important to me that I fit somewhere in this world.
4.    I have qualities that can be important to others.
5.    I am working on fitting in better with those around me.
6.    I want to be a part of things going on around me.
7.    It is important to me that my thoughts and opinions are valued.
8.    Generally‚ other people recognize my strengths and good points.
9.    I can make myself fit in anywhere.
Psychological sense of belonging‚ Antecedents to sense of belonging
1=Strongly Disagree‚ 2= Disagree‚ 3= Agree‚ 4= Strongly Agree
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