Lesbian Internalized Homophobia Scale (LIHS)

1. I hate myself for being attracted to other women.
2. I am proud to be a lesbian.
3. I feel bad for acting on my lesbian desires.
4. As a lesbian‚ I am loveable and deserving of respect.
5. I feel comfortable being a lesbian.
6. If I could change my sexual orientation and become heterosexual‚ I would.
7. I don’t feel disappointment in myself for being a lesbian.
8. Being a lesbian makes my future look bleak and hopeless.
1= Strongly Disagree‚ 2= Disagree‚ 3=Slightly Disagree‚ 4=Uncertain‚ 5= Slightly Agree‚ 6= Agree‚ 7= Strongly Agree
This instrument can be found at: http://academiccommons.columbia.edu/catalog/ac%3A152578   

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