Lesbian Culture Scale

1. When I was growing up‚ I was exposed to lesbian culture.
2. Now‚ I am exposed to lesbian culture.
3. Compared to how much I negatively criticize other cultures‚
4. I criticize lesbian culture less.
5. I am embarrassed/ ashamed of lesbian culture.
6. I am proud of lesbian culture.
7. Lesbian culture has had a positive impact on my life.
8. I go to places where people are lesbian.
9. I am familiar with lesbian cultural practices and customs.
10. I relate to my partner or spouse in a way that is lesbian.
11. I admire people who are lesbian.
12. I would prefer to live in a lesbian community.
13. I listen to lesbian music.
14. I engage in lesbian activism.
15. I celebrate lesbian holidays.
16. When I was a child‚ my friends were lesbian.
17. Now‚ my friends are lesbian.
18. I wish to be accepted by lesbians.
19. The people I date are lesbian.
20. Overall‚ I am lesbian.
internal reliability‚ α = .92
Strongly Disagree -‎–Disagree -‎–‎-Neutral -‎–Agree -‎– Strongly Agree

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