Hope test- Adult

Hope test- Adult
State Hope Scale– Adult
Comprehensive Hope Scale‚ State
Scioli et al. 2011
Background Questions
A. Which of the following statements best describes your philosophy of life? (Choose one)
·         Humans have the ability to control and ma‎ster nature.
·         Humans must work hand in hand‚ cooperatively with nature.
·         The human will is powerful but the forces of nature are superior
B. Where would you say that you place your faith? (Check as many as apply to you)
·         In myself
·         In God or a higher power
·         In friends and family
·         In nature and the Cosmos
·         In science and technology
·         In local and federal government
C. In times of stress‚ some people have a definite preferred way of coping. Others use a variety of coping strategies. Which of the following "works" for you? (Check as many as apply to you).
·         I avoid the situation or distract myself
·         I go into a problem solving mode (planning‚ considering options)
·         I seek support from others (guidance‚ help‚ comfort)
·         I pray or rely on my spiritual beliefs
My Recent Thoughts and Feelings: This section deals with your current and recent thoughts and feelings. That is‚ how you feel today and over the past two weeks.
1.    I feel hopeful about achieving a major life goal.
2.    I feel loved by someone.
3.    My emotions are under control.
4.    I have felt a spiritual presence.
5.    I can turn to a good friend or family member to help me relax.
6.    I am able to rely on outside help to achieve my goals.
7.    I feel let down by someone that I trusted.
8.    I’m able to rely on my spiritual beliefs to lesson my anxiety.
9.    Everyday I’m getting closer to achieving my dreams.
10.I feel very close to a friend or family member.
11.I feel “trapped” in some part of my life.
12.I draw inspiration from my spiritual beliefs.
13.I’m finding it hard to trust people.
14.A good way for me to reduce stress is to spend time with my friends and/or family.
15.I feel supported in reaching my goals.
16.I have felt connected to a spiritual force.
17.I feel calm and collected.
18.I have used prayer or meditation to help me accomplish an important goal.
19.I feel like I’ve “dug myself into a hole”‚ and there is “no way out”.
20.I have used prayer or meditation to help me reduce my worries.
21.I’m making progress towards important goals.
22.I feel part of a group.
23.I can handle any current or future difficulties.
24.I felt very close to a higher power or spiritual force.
25.My friends or family are helping me to lower my anxiety.
26.I’m accomplishing a lot because of the help I get from family and friends.
27.I question whom I can trust.
28.My spiritual beliefs give me a feeling of security.
29.I’m succeeding in ways that really matter to me.
30.I feel that I matter to someone.
31.With each day‚ I feel that some of my freedom is slipping away.
32.My faith in a higher power gives me the strength to pursue my dreams.
33.I worry that someone may betray me.
34.My family or friends have a calming effect on me.
35.There are people in my life that are inspiring me to do my best work.
36.I have felt “at one” with a spiritual force or presence.
37.I might get rattled if my life gets any tougher.
38.Spiritual guidance is contributing to my success in life.
39.I’m running out of options for improving my life.
40.My spiritual beliefs are a source of emotional comfort.
ma‎stery‚ attachment‚ survival‚ and spirituality
0= None‚ 1=Little‚ 2= Weak‚ 3= Strong‚ 4= Extremely Strong
This instrument can be found at: http://www.gainhope.com/hope/test_form.cfm

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