Healthy Families Parenting Inventory (HFPI)

1.     I feel supported by others
2.     I feel that others care about me
3.     I discuss my feelings with someone
4.     If I have trouble‚ I feel there is always someone I can turn to for help.
5.     I have family or friends who I can turn to for help
6.     I learn new ways of doing things from solving problems
7.     I deal with setbacks without getting discouraged
8.     When I have a problem‚ I take steps to solve it
9.     When I am faced with a problem‚ I can think of several solutions.
10. I am good at dealing with unexpected problems.
11. I remain calm when new problems come up.
12. I feel sad
13. I feel positive about myself
14. The future looks positive for me
15. I feel unhappy about everything
16. I feel hopeless about the future
17. There isn’t much happiness in my life
18. I have so many problems I feel overwhelmed by them.
19. It is hard for me to get in a good mood.
20. My life is fulfilling and meaningful.
21. I find ways to care for myself.
22. I take care of my appearance
23. I get enough sleep
24. I am a better parent because I take care of myself
25. I take time for myself
26. I know where to find resources for my family
27. I know where to find important medical information
28. I can get help from the community if I need it
29. I am comfortable in finding the help I need
30. I know community agencies I can go to for help
31. It is hard for me to ask for help from others
32. Because I’m a parent‚ I’ve had to give up much of my life
33. I feel trapped by all the things I have to do for my child.
34. I feel drained dealing with my child
35. There are times my child gets on my nerves
36. I feel controlled by all the things I have to do as a parent
37. I feel frustrated because my whole life seems to revolve around my child
38. I have a hard time managing my child
39. I can be patient with my child
40. I respond quickly to my child’s needs
41. I do activities that help my child grow and develop
42. When my child is upset‚ I’m not sure what to do
43. I use positive words to encourage my child
44. I can tell what my child wants
45. I am able to increase my child’s good behavior
46. I can remain calm when my child is upset
47. I praise my child everyday
48. My child has favorite things to comfort him/her
49. I read to my child
50. I plan and do a variety of activities with my child every day.
51. I have made my home exciting and fun for my child
52. I have organized my home for raising a child
53. I check my home for safety
54. My child has a schedule for eating and sleeping in my home.
55. I set limits for my child consistently
56. I make plans for our family to do things together
57. I set rules for behavior in my home.
58. I feel I’m doing an excellent job as a parent
59. I am proud of myself as a parent
60. I am more effective than most parents
61. I have set goals about how I want to raise my child
62. I am a good example to other parents
63. I am learning [I learn] new parenting skills and use them with my child.
Social Support (.84)‚ Problem Solving (.92)‚ Depression (.79)‚ Personal Care (.76)‚ Mobilizing Resources (.86)‚ Role Satisfaction (.76)‚ Parent/Child Interaction (.77)‚ Home Environment (.76) and Parenting Efficacy (.87)
1 = Rarely or Never‚ 2= A little of the time‚ 3= Some of the time‚ 4= Good part of the time‚ 5= Always or most of the time
Reverse-scoring (items 12‚ 15‚ 16‚ 17‚ 18‚ 19‚ 31‚ 32‚ 33‚ 34‚ 35‚ 36‚ 37‚ 38‚ and 42)
Social Support (items 1-5)‚ Problem Solving (items 6-11)‚ Depression (items 12-20)‚ Personal Care (items 21-25)‚ Mobilizing Resources (items 26-31)‚ Role Satisfaction (items 32-37)‚ Parent/Child Interaction (items 38-47)‚ Home Environment (items 48-57) and Parenting Efficacy (items 58-63)
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