Furnham Parental Locus of Control Scale

1. ha‎ving well-adjusted has little or nothing to do with chance.
2. Prenatal care and attention is a key factor in ha‎ving well-adjusted children.
3. Whether or not my children are well-adjusted depends mainly on my ability to look after and teachthem.
4. Psychologists can’t do very much for uncaring parents.
5. Anyone who can learn a few basic principles about caring parenting can go a long way to preventtheir children from becoming poorly adjusted.
6. Poor adjustment in children results from parents’ idleness and lack of caring.
7. To a great extent my life is controlled by accidental happenings.
8. Teachers help few poorly-adjusted children.
9. In spite of parents training‚ a child’s values change after he/she starts school.
10. Parental expectations of their children have a direct effect on their achievement.
11. Most parents feel confident that their children will live up to their expectations.
12. Children learn their bad behavior mostly from their friends.
13. The choice of a particular school for children is crucial in ensuring their personal adjustment.
14. Essentially all children are responsible for their own adjustment.
15. Teachers play a vital role in ensuring that a child is well adjusted.
16. A child’s poor adjustment usually results from restricted opportunities at school.
17. The school has too much control over the child’s development and adjustment.
18. Children help each other to overcome obstacles to their development and adjustment.
19. Children’s adjustment is in the hands of God.
20. Irrespective of the amount of good parenting given to children‚ poor schooling could seriously undermine good work.
21. Other influences‚ like television‚ exert more control over children’s adjustment than either home orschool.
22. It is an impossible task to ensure that one’s children are well adjusted.
23. Parents know best what is good for their children.
24. To a great extent parents can control their child’s mental and emotional development.
25. Parents have the ability to mold their children’s ch‎aracter.
26. Children’s attitudes reflect those of their parents.
27. When it comes to bringing up children‚ it is really a hit or miss affair.
28. I feel that children’s adjustment is mostly determined by powerful people.
29. There is little one can do to prevent children from going “off the rails.”
30. No matter what anybody does‚ there will always be poorly adjusted children.
31. When I make plans‚ I am almost certain to make them work.
32. Whether or not people have well-adjusted children is due to luck.
33. People who never have problems with their children are just plain lucky.
34. Often there is no chance of protecting children from bad (The rest of this item is missing from the document)
35. The seriousness of disturbed children is overstated.
36. When it comes to the adjustment of children‚ there is no such thing as “bad luck.”
37. When I get what I want‚ it’s usually because I’m lucky.
38. In the long run‚ people who take very good care of their children stay happy.
39. Preventing childhood delinquency‚ truancy‚ and maladjustment requires good hard work morethan anything else.
40. Although I might have ability‚ I will not become a successful parent without appealing to those inposition of power.
41. In the Western world‚ there is really no such thing as neglected children.
42. Becoming the parent of a happy well-adjusted child has nothing to do with luck.
43. How many friends I have depends on how generous I am.
44. Most people are helped a great deal when they go to an educational psychologist.
45. There is a lot of children’s emotional problems that can be very serious indeed.
46. People like myself have little chance of protecting our children when they are in conflict withthose from strong pressure groups.
47. Regarding children‚ there isn’t much you can do for yourself when you are poor.
48. Politicians can do very little to prevent childhood neglect.
49. It’s not always wise for me to worry too much about my children because many things turn out tobe a matter of good or bad fortune.
50. If I have poorly adjusted children‚ it’s usually my own fault.
51. Family security if largely a matter of fortune.
52. Getting what I want for my children requires pleasing those people above me.
53. Whether or not I get to be a parent of a happy child depends on whether I’m lucky enough to be inthe right place at the right time.
54. I can pretty much determine what will happen to my children.
55. I am usually able to protect my children’s interests.
56. When I get what I want‚ it’s usually because I worked hard for it.
57. My life is determined by my own actions.
58. It is chiefly a matter of fate whether I have adjusted or poorly adjusted children.
59. Only those who have money can possibly afford to become parents of well-adjusted children.
60. Children’s adjustment is all in the genes