Parental Locus of Control Scale

Factor 1: Parental Efficacy
1. What I do has little effect on my child’s behavior
2. When something goes wrong between me and my child‚ there is little I can do to correct it
3. Parents should address problems with their children because ignoring them won’t make them go away
4. If your child tantrums no matter what you try‚ you might as well give up
5. My child usually ends up getting his/her way‚ so why try
6. No matter how hard a parent tries‚ some children will never learn to mind
7. I am often able to predict my child’s behavior in situations
8. It is not always wise to expect too much from my child because many things turn out to be a matter of good and bad luck anyway
9. When my child gets angry‚ I can usually deal with him/her if I stay calm
10. When I set expectations for my child‚ I am almost certain that I can help him/her meet them
Factor 2: Parental Responsibility
11. There is no such thing as good or bad children- just bad parents
12. When my child is well behaved‚ it is because he/she is responding to my efforts
13. Parents who can’t get their children to listen to them don’t understand how to get along with their children
14. My child’s behavior problems are no one’s fault but my own
15. Capable people who fail to become good parents have not followed through on their opportunities
16. Children’s behavior problems are often due to the mistakes their parent made
17. Parents whose children make them feel helpless just aren’t using the best parenting techniques
18. Most children’s behavior problems would not have developed if their parents had better parenting skills
19. I am responsible for my child’s behavior
20. The misfortunes and successes I have had as a parent are the direct result of my own behavior
Factor 3: Child Control of Parents’ Life
21. My life is chiefly controlled by my child
22. My child does not control my life
23. My child influences the number of friends I have
24. I feel like what happens in my life is mostly determined by my child
25. It is easy for me to avoid and function independently of my child’s attempt to have control over me
26. When I make a mistake with my child I am usually able to correct it
27. Even if your child frequently tantrums‚ a parent should not give up
Factor 4: Parental Belief in Fate/Chance
28. Being a good parent often depends on being lucky enough to have a good child
29. I’m just one of those lucky parents who happened to have a good child
30. I have often found that when it comes to my children‚ what is going to happen will happen
31. Fate was kind to me- if I had had a bad child I don’t know what I would have done
32. Success in dealing with children seems to be more a matter of the child’s mood and feelings at the time rather than one’s own actions
33. Neither my child nor myself is responsible for his/her behavior
34. In order to have my plans work‚ I make sure they fit in with the desires of my child
35. Most parents don’t realize the extent to which how their children turn out is influenced by accidental happenings
36. Heredity plays a major role in determining a child’s personality
37. Without the right breaks one cannot be an effective parent
Factor 5: Parental Control of Child’s Behavior
38. I always feel in control when it comes to my child
39. My child’s behavior is sometimes more than I can handle
40. Sometimes I feel that my child’s behavior is hopeless
41. It is often easier to let my child have his/her way than to put up with a tantrum
42. I find that sometimes my child can get me to do things I really did not want to do
43. My child often behaves in a manner very different from how I want him/her to behave
44. Sometimes when I tired I let my children do things I normally wouldn’t
45. Sometimes I feel that I do not have enough control over the direction my child’s life is taking
46. I allow my child to get away with things
47. It is not too difficult to change my child’s mind about something
The Parental Locus of Control Scale‚ as found in Campis‚ Lyman and Prentis-Dunn (1986)
Strongly disagree (1) to strongly agree (5)

Campis‚ L.‚ Lyman‚ R. & Prentis-Dunn‚ S. (1986). The Parental Locus of Control: Development and Validation. Journal of Child and Clinical Psychology‚ 15‚ 260-268.