Fatherhood Scale (FS)

1.    My father helped me with my homework.
2.    My father talked to be about my personal problems.
3.    My father took me on activities.
4.    My father told me that he loved me.
5.    My father told me that I was a good boy/girl.
6.    My father is a caring person.
7.    My father attended school conferences.
8.    During my childhood I felt close to my father.
9.    During my teen years my father and I did things together.
10.My father liked to spend time with me.
11.My father spanked me.
12.I felt close to my father as a teenager.
13.My father hit my mother.
14.I know my father cared about me.
15.My father was ashamed of me as a child.
16.My dad taught me to fight back.
17.My father made sure I had the things I needed like clothing and toys.
18.My father read to me as a child.
19.My father provided well for us financially.
20.My father used to say things to hurt my feelings.
21.My father encouraged me to say what I felt.
22.My dad showed interest in my schoolwork.
23.My father hugged me.
24.My father is a good man.
25.When I got in trouble my father would punish me physically.
26.My father taught me right from wrong.
27.I saw my father beat my mother.
28.I saw my father cry.
29.My father was a good breadwinner for the family.
30.My father helped me solve my problems.
31.I could talk to my father about anything.
32.My father went to church with me.
33.I remember playing sports with my father.
34.My father helped my mom clean the house.
35.My father comforted me when I was feeling bad.
36.My dad was always employed while I was growing up.
37.My father made me feel special.
38.When I got angry‚ I used to talk things over with my dad.
39.My father and I enjoyed time together.
40. My dad would talk to me about things going on in the world.
41.My father was loving toward me.
42.I was abused by my father.
43.My father talked to me about sex.
44. My father used to say grace at mealtime.
45.When I was a child‚ my father shouted at me if I did something wrong.
46.I have warm feelings for my father.
47.My dad would talk to me about things going on in the world.
48.My dad taught me what it was like to be a man.
49.My dad attended sporting events in which I played.
50.My father and I had good times together.
51.My father instilled important values in me.
52.My father took me to the doctor.
53.My father is a kind man.
54.My father understood me.
55.I told my father I loved him.
56.My father was around when I needed him
57.My father praised me.
58.My father is mean.
59.My father used to get angry and say he didn’t like me.
60.My dad attended school activities in which I participated.
61.My dad talked to me about God.
62.My father showed concern when I got hurt.
63.I saw my father hit one of my sibs.
64.My dad would cook meals.
Positive Engagement‚ Positive Paternal Emotional Responsiveness‚ Negative Paternal Engagement‚ The Moral Father Role‚ The Gender Role Model‚ The Good Provider Role‚ The Androgynous Role‚ Responsible Paternal Engagement‚ The Accessible Father
Positive Engagement (alpha 0.93)‚ Positive Paternal Emotional Responsiveness (alpha 0.96) ‚ Negative Paternal Engagement (alpha 0.85)‚ The Moral Father Role (alpha 0.86) ‚ The Gender Role Model (alpha 0.80)‚ The Good Provider Role (alpha 0.90)‚ The Androgynous Role (alpha 0.83)‚ Responsible Paternal Engagement (alpha 0.90) ‚ The Accessible Father (alpha 0.87) and Total (alpha 0.98)
1 = never‚ 2= Rarely‚ 3= Sometimes‚ 4= Usually‚ 5 = always
Positive Engagement (items 3‚ 9‚ 10‚ 39 ‚ and 49) ‚ Positive Paternal Emotional Responsiveness (items 5‚ 6‚ 8‚ 12‚ 14‚ 35‚ 37‚ 40‚ 45‚ 53‚ 54‚ 56‚ and 62)‚ Negative Paternal Engagement (items 11‚ 13‚ 15‚ 20‚ 25‚ 27‚ 41‚ 44‚ 57‚ 59‚ and 63)‚ The Moral Father Role (items 26‚ 32‚ 50‚ 61‚ and 65)‚ The Gender Role Model (items 16‚ 21‚ 31‚ 42‚ 46‚ and 47)‚ The Good Provider Role (items 17‚ 19‚ 29‚ and 36)‚ The Androgynous Role (items 4‚ 23‚ 24‚ 28‚ 34‚ 52‚ and 64)‚ Responsible Paternal Engagement (items 1‚ 7‚ 18‚ 22‚ 23‚ 33‚ 48‚ 51‚ and 60)‚ The Accessible Father (items 2‚ 30‚ 38‚ and 55)
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