Fascist Attitudes Scale

Fascist Attitudes Scale
Stagner‚ 1936
1.    Conditions are likely to get better in 1935.
2.    The farmers have been hit harder than the city workers.
3.    Recovery has been delayed by the large number of strikes.
4.    The U.S. should stop immigration to give American workers more jobs.
5.    The depression has caused an increase in crime.
6.    This country should try to get more foreign markets so as to increase prosperity.
7.    What we need is a strong president who will make people cooperate for recovery.
8.    If we buy European made goods‚ we make the depression in this country last longer.
9.    Many workers have been unemployed for five years through no fault of their own.
10.Recognition of Soviet Russia was a big mistake.
11.Building a bigger navy would give men jobs and protect our foreign markets‚ so that should be done.
12.Most labor trouble happens only because of radical agitators.
13.The unemployed should be given military training so our country could be protected in time of war.
14.Capital and labor should get together for a fair wage and a fair profit.
15.The sales tax is an unfair way of raising relief money.
16.The people who complain most about the depression wouldn't take a job if you gave it to them.
17.We must all sacrifice a little to build a strong American nation.
18.The president was all right until he became influenced by communistic ideals.
19.What we need is more international cooperation‚ not less.
20.Prosperity would come back if we could show businessmen that they could invest money at a profit.
21.Any able-bodied man could get a job right now if he tried hard enough.
22.Munitions makers probably don't have near as much to do with starting wars as the papers claim.
23.Most people on relief are living in reasonable comfort.
24.We must protect our trade in the Philippines against the Japanese.
25.Italy has taken the wrong way out of the depression.
26.We will always have depressions.
27.The government must first balance the budget.
28.CCC camps where the boys learned military discipline and self-control would be a good idea.
29.The average person isn't intelligent enough to vote his way out of the depression.
30.The president was justified in protecting U. S. interests in Cuba.
31.Inflation would solve most of the problems of the depression.
32.There is no excuse for depressions.
33.The formation of big trusts bankrupted many small businesses and so brought on the depression.
34.Labor un‎ions are all right‚ but we can't have strikes.
35.The Wall Street bankers brought on the depression to clean up on the little fellows.
36.I f we had stayed out of the World War‚ we would never have had this depression.
37.The U. S. should make these European countries pay off their war debts.
38.We'd get out of the depression quicker if we had a strong intelligent man with full power to run things.
39.I f the government didn't meddle so much with business everything would work out all right.
40.We should consider our duty to our country first in this time of crisis.
41.The collapse in 1929 was due primarily to overproduction.
42.While raising the standard of living we must safeguard property right s as guaranteed by the Constitution.
43.Unemployment insurance would saddle us with a nation of idlers.
44.America has plenty of plans-‎-what it needs is strong men who are willing to work for recovery.
45.If we have unemployment; we should deport the excess workers back to their home countries.
46.These unemployed organizations are just a bunch of chronic complainers.
47.The NRA would have worked if so many strikes hadn't been organized.
48.People should not be allowed to vote unless they are educated and intelligent.
49.The U. S. ought to demand its fair share of trade with China.
50.What we need is more businesslike government.
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