Attitudes Towards Social Issues scale (ATSI)

Attitudes Towards Social Issues scale (ATSI)
Ellerman‚ 1996
1.    Australians from every ethnic background need to be encouraged to preserve their culture and beliefs.
2.    It is easy to understand the anger of the Australian Aboriginal people.
3.    It is far better for all concerned to keep Aborigines on reserves and in separate communities.
4.    Aborigines are getting too demanding in their push for land rights.
5.    Migrants should not push themselves where they are not wanted.
6.    Mixed race marriages encourage tolerance and understanding.
7.    Over the past few years‚ government and media have shown more respect to blacks and migrants than they deserve.
8.    Allowing educated Asians to immigrate benefits Australian society.
9.    We should be solving our social problems at home instead of giving overseas aid.
10.When given a fair go‚ Aborigines can live as decently as any white person.
11.Aborigines have it better than they ever had it before.
12.I get very upset when I hear a white make prejudiced statements about non-whites.
13.The White Australia was a good policy because it helped keep Australia white.
14.If we let Aborigines live in our communities‚ the standard of hygiene might be lowered.
15.The mentally ill need to be kept away from the rest of society.
16.The government should not make any special effort to help racial minorities because they should help themselves.
17.Multiculturalism is the best policy for Australia.
18.The Japanese are taking over the Australian economy.
19.Migrants should always be given an equal chance with other Australians.
20.All Australian schools should teach Aboriginal culture‚ history and language.
21.Migrants are as friendly as Australians.
22.If I had a chance to introduce black visitors to my friends and neighbors‚ I would be pleased to do so.
23.We must be careful not to let too many Asians into the country‚ or they’ll take over the place.
24.I worry that in the next few years I may be denied my application for a job or promotion because of preferential treatment given to a minority group member.
25.Genuine refugees from any country should be accepted with open arms into Australia.
26.Lesbians and homosexuals should be prevented from holding public offices.
27.Coloured people and whites just don’t mix.
28.The establishment of Native Title through the Mabo decision is a great advance for Australia.
29.Inter-racial marriage should be discouraged to avoid the “who-am- I?” confusion which the children feel.
30.In mixed populations‚ it is better for one race to dominate.
31.Given equal pay‚ Aborigines will work as hard as white people.
32.I would not mind my daughter marrying a migrant from another country.
33.If a homosexual were put in ch‎arge of me‚ I would not mind taking advice from him or her.
34.Asians should be allowed to migrate to Australia.
35.I wouldn’t like any member of my family to marry an Aborigine.
36.There is not much point in trying to make friends with people whose tastes and beliefs are not your own.
37.Aborigines should be helped to settle in the cities and given the same advantages as white people.
38.Those born in Australia have a stronger loyalty to the country than those born overseas.
39.Laws are needed to make racial abuse punishable.
40.The Japanese are very productive people and should be allowed to settle in Australia.
1=Strongly agree‚ 2=Agree‚ 3=Slightly agree‚ 4=Neither agree nor disagree‚ 5=Slightly disagree‚ 6=Disagree‚ 7=Strongly disagree
This instrument can be found at:

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