Emotional reaction

1. Do you feel proud after every difficult accomplishment of yours each day?
2. Did you have faith in your abilities the last time that you started to learn something new?
3. Do you tend to daydream and have frequent attention slips?
4. Do daily insignificant problems annoy you?
5. Are you likely to worry for hours if you find yourself in a situation that is humiliating for you?
6. On an ordinary project or task‚ do you spend too much time overthinking the project‚ trying to make it perfect?
7. Are you usually able to sleep easily and to sleep well?
8. In situations where the outcome is not easily predictable‚ do you usually fear for the worst?
9. Do you feel neglected or upset if someone you know‚ does not greet you?
10. Do you feel happy or sad sometimes‚ for no particular reason?
11. Do you occasionally meet people‚ whose behaviour‚ you are sure has been hostile towards you?
12. Do you often worry about things that have already happened?
13. Do you often regret many of the things you do‚ or the decisions you have taken?
14. Are you overly concerned about your health?
15. Do you feel comfortable in unfamiliar situations?
16. Do you sweat a lot without performing any physical activity?
17.Do you know how to handle complex challenges‚ whenever you encounter them in life?
18. Are you tolerant of other people’s crankiness?
19. Do you take offense easily?
20. Do you readily overcome setbacks?
 Yes‚ No
This instrument can be found online at: http://www.personalitytest.net/questionnaires/index.html