Dating and Acquaintance Rape Scales

Perceived Vulnerability (5)
1. Rape among dates and acquaintances is a major problem here at (name of educational institution).
2. (R) Only a few undergraduate women will have to deal with a rape attempt by a date or acquaintance during their four years here at (name of institution).
3. I personally stand a good chance of ha‎ving to deal with a rape attempt by a date or an acquaintance sometime during my years here at (name of institution).
4. (R) The possibility of being raped by my date is the last thing on my mind when I’m out   ha‎ving a good time.
5. (R) I never worry about going home alone with a date.
Self-Efficacy (8)
1. If I sense anything about a man that makes me uncomfortable‚ I’m able to avoid being alone with him.
2. (R) I can’t seem to make it dear to men that they need to respect my personal space.
3. (R) It’s very hard for me to tell a date what I do or do not want to do sexually.
4. (R) If a date refused to stop after I told him to‚ I wouldn’t know what I could do to make him stop.
5. I know a number of basic self-defense techniques that I would be able to use if anyone tried to rape me.
6. (R) When I am alone with a man I don’t know well‚ I sometimes feel afraid of him‚ but I can’t do anything about it.
7. (R) If I heard a woman yelling or screaming in another dorm room‚ I wouldn’t know what I could do.
8. (R) Sometimes men I know make me feel uneasy‚ but I ignore my fears so I can stay on good terms with them.
Self-Determination (7)
1. I will take care of myself first and others second‚ including men.
2. If a man doesn’t treat me well‚ I can do very nicely without him in my life.
3. I would rather have very few relationships in my life than a lot; if ha‎ving a lot means that some of them are abusive.
4. If any man thinks he can make me have sex with him‚ he’s going to learn a painful lesson.
5. I get furious when a man acts as if he has the right to expect sex from me.
6. Women who dress to look their best for a date are not necessarily indicating that they want sex.
7. If a man doesn’t stop when a woman says no‚ it’s rape.
Victim-Blaming (5)
1. Women who get drunk at a party or on a date deserve whatever happens to them.
2. (R) It is never a woman’s fault if she is raped.
3. It’s up to a woman to make sure she doesn’t get a man aroused if she doesn’t want him to force her to have intercourse.
4. Women often accuse men of rape because they are angry with the men for some other reason.
5. Most of what is labeled rape is just the woman changing her mind later.
  • Rape
  • Violence
This instrument can be found on pages 20-21 of Measures for the assessment of dimensions of violence against women: A compendium Compiled by Michael Flood‚ available online at:
Reverse-coded items are preceded by (R).
Strongly agree‚ moderately agree‚ mildly agree‚ mildly disagree‚ moderately disagree‚ and strongly disagree

Walsh‚ J. F.‚ DeVellis‚ B. M.‚ & DeVellis‚ R. F. (1997). Date and acquaintance rape: Development and validation of a set of scales. Violence Against Women‚ 3(1)‚ 46-58