Corresponding Behavior Questions

1. I am courteous to women my age.
2. I usually do not let others know how I am feeling.
3. I would be able to have a good male friend who was homosexual.
4. ha‎ving a lot of sex partners would make me feel really good about myself.
5. When I am mad at someone‚ I am likely to fight.
6. Providing for my family will be my main goal in life.
7. I hug my close guy friends.
8. My date’s looks are more important to me than her personality.
9. I have trouble keeping a positive attitude towards life.
10. In difficult situations‚ I am confident about my ability.
11. Once I have had sexual intercourse with someone‚ I usually have sexual intercourse with that person as often as possible.
12. In difficult times‚ I try to be tough.
13. I do not get very angry at people when they do something mean to me.
14. I do not have a good idea what I want to do for the rest of my life.
15. I show affection towards people I love.
16. I put my best effort into everything I do.
17. I try to block out fear because it only gets in the way.
18. I don’t (or didn’t) keep my virginity a secret.
19. I buy or wear stuff to make me look richer than I actually am.
20. I don’t go longer than a month between relationships.
21. I do not cry when something bad happens to me or my loved ones.
22. When I want something‚ I use aggressive ways to get it.
23. In a relationship‚ I have oral sex before ha‎ving sexual intercourse.
24. When I am married‚ I will do almost anything to protect my family.
25. The main way I plan to care for my family is to get the highest paying job I can.
26. I am not competitive with others.
27. I have sexual intercourse only in emotionally committed relationships.
28. When my goals seem very hard to reach‚ I don’t try to reach them.
29. I look for danger just for the thrill of it.
30. I am not athletic or good at a sport.
31. I had (or will have) sexual intercourse at my first opportunity.
32. I don’t show emotion because it would mean that I was weak.
33. When there is something I want‚ I will take risks to get it.
34. I am not satisfied with sexual activity if it doesn’t include sexual intercourse.
35. I ask for help when I need it.
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This instrument can be found on page 40 of Measures for the assessment of dimensions of violence against women: A compendium Compiled by Michael Flood‚ available online at:

Doss‚ Brian D.‚ and J. Roy Hopkins. (1998). The multicultural masculinityideology scale: Validation from three cultural perspectives. Sex Roles‚May‚ Vol. 38‚ Iss. 9/10.