Victimization in Dating Relationships

How many times has any person that you have been on a date with done the following things to you? Only include it when the dating partner did it to you first. In other words‚ don’t count it if they did it to you in self-defense.
1. Scratched me
2. Slapped me
3. Physically twisted my arm
4. Slammed me or held me against a wall
5. Kicked me
6. Bent my fingers
7. Bit me
8. Tried to choke me
9. Pushed‚ grabbed‚ or shoved me
10. Dumped me out of a car
11. Threw something at me that hit me
12. Forced me to have sex
13. Forced me to do other sexual things that I did not want to do
14. Burned me  
15. Hit me with a fist
16. Hit me with something hard besides a fist
17. Beat me up
18. Assaulted me with a knife or gun
This scale measures self-reported victimization of physical violence within dating relationships.
This instrument can be found on pages 200-201 of Measuring Violence-Related Attitudes‚ Behaviors‚ and Influences Among Youths: A Compendium of Assessment Tools‚ available online at: .
Students in grades 8-9.
Never=0‚ 1 to 3 times=1‚ 4 to 9 times=2‚ 10 or more times=3
Point values are as indicated above. The score is calculated by summing the point values of the responses from a participant. Alternatively‚ the score can be derived by summing the point values and dividing by the number of responses. A high score indicates a high level of victimization in dating relationships; a low score indicates a low level of victimization.

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