Cultural and Racial Experiences of Socialization Scale (CARES)

Cultural and Racial Experiences of Socialization Scale (CARES)
Bentley-Edwards and Stevenson (2013)
1.    You should be proud to be Black.
2.    Schools should be required to teach all children about Black history.
3.    It’s important to remember the experience of Black slavery.
4.    Living in an all Black neighborhood is no way to show that you are successful.
5.    African and Caribbean people think they are better than Black Americans.
6.    You really can’t trust most White people.
7.    Poor Black people are always looking for a hand out.
8.    Fitting into school or work means swallowing your anger when you see racism.
9.    Spiritual battles that people fight are more important than the physical battles.
10.Whites make it hard for people to get ahead in this world.
11.Life is easier for light-skinned Black people than it is for dark-skinned Black people.
12.Since the world has become so multicultural‚ it’s wrong to only focus on Black issues.
13.Black children should be taught early that God can protect them from racial hatred.
14.Sports are the only way for Black kids to get out of the hood.
15.Black men just want sex.
16.Black women keep the family strong.
17.Africans and Caribbean people get along with Black Americans.
18.When Black people make money‚ they try to forget they are Black.
19.You can’t trust Black people who act too friendly with White people.
20."Don't forget who your people are because you may need them someday."
21.You should learn more about Black history so that you can prevent people from treating you unfairly.
22.Black children will learn more if they go to a mostly White school.
23.You have to work twice as hard as Whites in order to get ahead in this world.
24.Knowing your African heritage is important for the survival of Black people.
25.Sometimes you have to correct White people when they make racist statements about Black people.
26.You can learn a lot from being around important White people.
27.Racism is not as bad today as it used to be.
28."Train up a child in the way he should go‚ and he will not turn away from it."
29.Black people have to work together in order to get ahead.
30.More jobs would be open to African Americans if employers were not racist.
31.Sometimes you have to make yourself less threatening to make White people around you comfortable.
32.Light skinned Blacks think they are better than dark-skinned Black people.
33.Racism is real‚ and you have to understand it or it will hurt you.
34.Good Black men are the backbone of a strong family.
35.Black women just want money.
a) Racial Protection‚ (b) Cultural Insights‚ (c) Racial Stereotyping‚ (d) Bicultural Coping ‚ and (e) Old School Basics
Racial Protection (.75)‚ Cultural Insights (.78)‚ Racial Stereotyping (.48)‚ Bicultural Coping (.60)‚ and Old School Basics (.56) “Laurent‚ 2016”
How often? Never‚ A Few Times‚ Lots of Times
Where did you hear this? Mother/Guardian‚ Father/Guardian‚ Grandparent‚ Sibling‚ Teacher/Professor‚ Other Adult‚ Friend/Peer‚ Media (TV‚ Movies‚ Internet‚ Books)‚ No one told me

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