Attitudes Toward God Scale -9 (ATGS-9)

Attitudes Toward God Scale -9 (ATGS-9)
Wood‚ B. T.‚ Worthington‚ E. L.‚ Jr.‚ Exline‚ J. J.‚ & Yali‚ A. M. 2008
C trust God to protect and care for you
A feel angry at God
A feel that God has let you down
A view God as unkind
C view God as all-powerful and all-knowing.
C feel loved by God
C feel supported by God.
C feel nurtured or cared for by God.
A feel abandoned by God.
A = anger toward God.
C = comforted by God
0= “not at all” to 10 = “extremely”.

Wood‚ Benjamin T.; Worthington Jr.‚ Everett L.; Exline‚ Julie Juola; Yali‚ Ann Marie; Aten‚ Jamie D.; McMinn‚ Mark R. (2010). Psychology of Religion and Spirituality‚ 2(3)‚ 148-167.

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