Anxiety about Aging Scale (AAS)

1.    I enjoy being around old people.
2.    I fear that when I am old all my friends will be gone.
3.    I like to go visit my older relatives.
4.    I have never lied about my age in order to appear younger.
5.    I fear it will be very hard for me to find contentment in old age.
6.    The older I become‚ the more I worry about my health.
7.    I will have plenty to occupy my time when I am old.
8.    I get nervous when I think about someone else making decisions for me when I am old.
9.    It doesn’t bother me at all to imagine myself as being old.
10.I enjoy talking with old people.
11.I expect to feel good about life when I am old.
12.I have never dreaded the day I would look in the mirror and see gray hairs.
13.I feel very comfortable when I am around an old person.
14.I worry that people will ignore me when I am old.
15.I have never dreaded looking old.
16.I believe that I will still be able to do most things for myself when I am old.
17.I am afraid that there will be no meaning in life when I am old.
18.I expect to feel good about myself when I am old.
19.I enjoy doing things for old people.
20.When I look in the mirror‚ it bothers me to see how my looks have changed with age.
a) Fear of Old People‚ (b) Psychological Concerns‚ (c) Physical Appearance‚ and (d) Fear of Loss.
Cronbach’s alpha coefficient of .82
(strongly disagree) to (strongly agree)

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