Developed by Adrian Wells

Instructions: A number of statements which people have used to describe their thoughts and worries are given below. Read each statement and put a circle around the most appropriate number to indicate how often you have these thoughts and worries.

Do not spend too much time on each statement. There are no right or wrong answers and the first response to each item is often the most accurate.

1=Almost never‚ 2=Sometimes‚ 3= Often‚ 4= Almost always

  1. I worry about my appearance
  2. I think I am a failure
  3. When looking to my future I give more thought to the negative things than the positive things that might happen to me
  4. If I experience unexpected physical symptoms I have a tendency to think the worst possible thing is wrong with me
  5. I have thoughts about becoming seriously ill
  6. I have difficulty clearing my mind of repetitive thoughts
  7. I worry about ha‎ving a heart attack or cancer
  8. I worry about saying or doing the wrong thing when among strangers
  9. I worry about my abilities not living up to other people’s expectations
  10. I worry about my physical health
  11. I worry that I cannot control my thoughts as well as I would like to
  12. I worry that people don’t like me
  13. I take disappointments so keenly that I can’t put them out of my mind
  14. I get embarrassed easily
  15. When I suffer from minor illnesses such as a rash I think it is more serious than it really is
  16. Unpleasant thoughts enter my head against my will
  17. I worry about my failures and my weaknesses
  18. I worry about not being able to cope in life as adequately as others seem to
  19. I worry about death
  20. I worry about making a fool of myself
  21. I think I am missing out on things in life because I worry too much
  22. I have repetitive thoughts such as counting or repeating phrases

Please check that you have responded to all of the items. Thank you.

Wells‚ A. (1997). Cognitive therapy of anxiety disorders: A practice manual and conceptual guide. Chichester: Wiley.