Affectometer 2 Flett and Kammann

(CO+) 1. My life is on the right track
(CO–) 2. I wish I could change some part of my life
(O+) 3. My future looks good
(O–) 4. I feel as though the best years of my life are over
(SE+) 5. I like myself
(SE–) 6. I feel there must be something wrong with me
(SF+) 7. I can handle any problems that come up
(SF–) 8. I feel like a failure
(SS+) 9. I feel loved and trusted
(SS–) 10. I seem to be left alone when I don’t want to be
(SI+) 11. I feel close to people around me
(SI–) 12. I have lost interest in other people and don’t care about them
(F+) 13. I feel I can do whatever I want to
(F–) 14. My life seems stuck in a rut
(E+) 15. I have energy to spare
(E–) 16. I can’t be bothered doing anything
(Ch+) 17. I smile and laugh a lot
(Ch–) 18. Nothing seems very much fun anymore
(TC+) 19. I think clearly and creatively
(TC–) 20. My thoughts go around in useless circles
Adjective Items
(CO+) 21. Satisfied
(O+) 22. Optimistic
(SE+) 23. Useful
(SF+) 24. Confident
(SS+) 25. Understood
(SI+) 26. Loving
(F+) 27. Free-and-easy
(E+) 28. Enthusiastic
(Ch+) 29. Good-natured
(TC+) 30. Clear-headed
Negative (–)
(CO-) 31. Disconnected
(O-) 32. Hopeless
(SE-) 33. Insignificant
(SF-) 34. Helpless
(SS-) 35. Lonely
(SE-) 36. Withdrawn
(F-) 37. Tense
(E-) 38. Depressed
(CH-) 39. Impatient
(TC-) 40. Confused
Note: The symbols + and – indicate positive and negative affect items. Symbols for the individual subscales are as follows: (CO)‚ confluence; (O)‚ optimism; (SF)‚ self-esteem; (SE)‚ self-efficacy; (SS)‚ social support; (SI)‚ social interest; (F)‚ freedom; (E)‚ energy; (Ch)‚ cheerfulness; and (TC)‚ thought clarity.
(1) Not at all‚ (2) Occasionally‚ (3) Some of the time‚ (4) Often‚ (5) All of the time

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