Woodworth Psychoneurotic Inventory

1.    Do you usually feel well and strong?
2.    Do you usually sleep well?
3.    Are you often frightened in the middle of the night?
4.    Are you troubled with dreams about your work?
5.    Do you have nightmares?
6.    Do you have too many sexual dreams?
7.    Do you ever walk in your sleep?
8.    Do you have the sensation of falling when going to sleep?
9.    Does your heart ever thump in your ears so that you cannot sleep?
10.Do ideas run through your head so that you cannot sleep?
11.Do you feel well rested in the morning?
12.Do your eyes often pain you?
13.Do things ever seem to swim or get misty before your eyes?
14.Do you often have the feeling of suffocating?
15.Do you have continual itchings in the face?
16.Are you bothered much by blushing?
17.Are you bothered by fluttering of the heart?
18.Do you feel tired most of the time?
19.Have you ever had fits of dizziness?
20.Do you have queer‚ unpleasant feelings in any part of the body?
21.Do you ever feel an awful pressure in or about the head?
22.Do you often have bad pains in any part of the body?
23.Do you have a great many bad headaches?
24.Is your head apt to ache on one side?
25.Have you ever fainted away?
26.Have you often fainted away?
27.Have you ever been blind‚ half-blind‚ deaf or dumb for a time?
28.Have you ever had an arm or leg paralyzed?
29.Have you ever lost your memory for a time?
30.Did you have a happy childhood?
31.Were you happy when 14 to 18 years old?
32.Were you considered a bad boy [or girl]?
33.As a child did you like to play alone better than to play with other children?
34.Did the other children let you play with them?
35.Were you shy with other boys [or girls]?
36.Did you ever run away from home?
37.Did you ever have a strong desire to run away from home?
38.Has your family always treated you right?
39.Did the teachers in school generally treat you right?
40.Have your employers generally treated you right?
41.Do you know of anybody who is trying to do you harm?
42.Do people find fault with you more than you deserve?
43.Do you make friends easily?
44.Did you ever make love to a girl [or boy]?
45.Do you get used to new places quickly?
46.Do you find your way about easily?
47.Does liquor make you quarrelsome?
48.Do you think drinking has hurt you?
49.Do you think tobacco has hurt you?
50.Do you think you have hurt yourself by going too much with women [or men]?
51.Have you hurt yourself by masturbation (self-abuse)?
52.Did you ever think you had lost your manhood [or womanhood]?
53.Have you ever had any great mental shock?
54.Have you ever seen a vision?
55.Did you ever have the habit of taking any form of “dope”?
56.Do you have trouble in walking in the dark?
57.Have you ever felt as if someone was hypnotizing you and making you act against your will?
58.Are you ever bothered by the feeling that people are reading your thoughts?
59.Do you ever have a queer feeling as if you were not your old self?
60.Are you ever bothered by a feeling that things are not real?
61.Are you troubled with the idea that people are watching you on the street?
62.Are you troubled with the fear of being crushed in a crowd?
63.Does it make you uneasy to cross a bridge over a river?
64.Does it make you uneasy to go into a tunnel?
65.Does it make you uneasy to have to cross a wide street or open square?
66.Does it make you uneasy to sit in a small room with the door shut?
67.Do you usually know just what you want to do next?
68.Do you worry too much about little things?
69.Do you think you worry too much when you have an unfinished job on your hands?
70.Do you think you have too much trouble in making up your mind?
71.Can you do good work while people are looking on?
72.Do you get rattled easily?
73.Can you sit still without fidgeting?
74.Does your mind wander badly so that you lose track of what you are doing?
75.Does some particular useless thought keep coming into your mind to bother you?
76.Can you do the little chores of the day without worrying over them?
77.Do you feel you must do a thing over several times before you can dr‎op it?
78.Are you afraid of responsibility?
79.Do you feel like jumping off when you are on a high place?
80.Are you troubled at night with the idea that somebody is following you?
81.Do you find it difficult to pass urine in the presence of others?
82.Do you have a great fear of fire?
83.Do you ever feel a strong desire to go and set fire to something?
84.Do you ever feel a strong desire to go steal things?
85.Did you ever have the habit of biting your finger nails?
86.Did you ever have the habit of stuttering?
87.Did you ever have the habit of twitching your face‚ neck or shoulders?
88.Did you ever have the habit of wetting the bed?
89.Have you ever been unfaithful to a girl [or boy]?
90.Are you troubled with shyness?
91.Have you a good appetite?
92.Is it easy to make you laugh?
93.Is it easy to get you angry?
94.Is it easy to get you cross or grouchy?
95.Do you get tired of people quickly?
96.Do you get tired of amusements quickly?
97.Do you get tired of work?
98.Do your interests change frequently?
99.Do your feelings keep changing from happy to sad and from sad to happy without any reason?
100.                Do you feel sad or low-spirited most of the time?
101.                Did you ever have a strong desire to commit suicide?
102.                Did you ever have St Vitus’s dance [Sydenham’s chorea —you would know]?
103.                Did you ever have convulsions?
104.                Did you ever have heart disease?
105.                Did you ever have anemia badly?
106.                Did you ever have dyspepsia [indigestion]?
107.                Did you ever have asthma or hay fever [allergies]?
108.                Did you ever have a nervous breakdown?
109.                Have you ever been afraid of going insane?
110.                Has any of your family been insane‚ epileptic‚ or feebleminded?
111.                Has any of your family committed suicide?
112.                Has any of your family had a drug habit?
113.                Has any of your family been a drunkard?
114.                Can you stand the sight of blood?
115.                Can you stand pain quietly?
116.                Can you stand disgusting smells?
117.                Do you like outdoor life?
This instrument can be found online at: http://personality-testing.info/tests/WPI.php

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