Five Factor inventory

1.    Tend to vote for conservative political candidates.
2.    Have frequent mood swings.
3.    Am not easily bothered by things.
4.    Suspect hidden motives in others.
5.    Enjoy hearing new ideas.
6.    Believe in the importance of art.
7.    Have a vivid imagination.
8.    Am the life of the party.
9.    Am skilled in handling social situations.
10.Am always prepared.
11.Make plans and stick to them.
12.Dislike myself.
13.Respect others.
14.Insult people.
15.Would describe my experiences as somewhat dull.
16.Seldom feel blue.
17.Don’t like to draw attention to myself.
18.Carry out my plans.
19.Am not interested in abstract ideas.
20.Have a sharp tongue.
21.Make friends easily.
22.Tend to vote for liberal political candidates.
23.Know how to captivate people.
24.Believe that others have good intentions.
25.Am very pleased with myself.
26.Do just enough work to get by.
27.Find it difficult to get down to work.
28.Carry the conversation to a higher level.
29.Panic easily.
30.Avoid philosophical discussions.
31.Accept people as they are.
32.Do not enjoy going to art museums.
33.Pay attention to details.
34.Keep in the background.
35.Feel comfortable with myself.
36.Waste my time.
37.Get back at others.
38.Get chores done right away.
39.Don’t talk a lot.
40.Am often down in the dumps.
41.Shirk my duties.
42.Do not like art.
43.Often feel blue.
44.Cut others to pieces.
45.Have a good word for everyone.
46.Don’t see things through.
47.Feel comfortable around people.
48.Make people feel at ease.
49.Rarely get irritated.
50.Have little to say.
1.    Am the life of the party (E)
2.    Sympathize with others’ feelings (A)
3.    Get chores done right away (C)
4.    Have frequent mood swings (N)
5.    Have a vivid imagination (I)
6.    Don’t talk a lot (E)
7.    Am not interested in other people’s problems (A)
8.    Often forget to put things back in their proper place (C)
9.    Am relaxed most of the time (N)
10.Am not interested in abstract ideas (I)
11.Talk to a lot of different people at parties (E)
12.Feel others’ emotions (A)
13.Like order (C)
14.Get upset easily (N)
15.Have difficulty understanding abstract ideas (I)
16.Keep in the background (E)
17.Am not really interested in others (A)
18.Make a mess of things (C)
19.Seldom feel blue (N)
20.Do not have a good imagination (I)
Note: Items 6‚ 7‚ 8‚ 9‚ 10‚ 15‚ 16‚ 17‚ 18‚ 19‚ and 20 are reverse scored.
Factor I : Extraversion ‚ Factor II : Agreeableness ‚ Factor III : Conscientiousness‚ Factor IV : Neuroticism and Factor V : Openness
This instrument can be found on page 122 of “Implementing a Five-Factor Personality Inventory for Use on the Internet.” Available online at:
 Openness was 0.88‚ Conscientiousness was .84‚ Extraversion was .88‚  Agreeableness was .76‚ And Neuroticism was .83.
“very inaccurate‚” “moderately inaccurate‚” “neither inaccurate nor accurate‚” “moderately accurate‚” or “very accurate.”
E: 8+‚ 9+‚ 21+‚ 23+‚ 47+; 17–‚ 34–‚ 39–‚ 50–
N: 2+‚ 12+‚ 29+‚ 40+‚ 43+; 3–‚ 16–‚ 35–
C: 10+‚ 11+‚ 18+‚ 33+‚ 38+; 26–‚ 27–‚ 36–‚ 41–‚ 46–
A: 13+‚ 24+‚ 31+‚ 45+; 14–‚ 37–‚ 44–
O: 6+‚ 22+; 1–‚ 19–‚ 30–‚ 32–‚ 42–

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