A Work Values Inventory

Independence—doing projects by yourself (I)
Authority—make your own decisions (I)
Responsibility—able to determine what you do and do it (A)
Prestige and respect—being recognized for what you do (Rec)
Leadership—influencing others (Rec)
Good salary (WC)
Variety/different types of tasks (WC)
Helping others (Rel)
Working with people (Rel)
Good working conditions—comfortable or pleasant surroundings
Security—keeping my job (WC)
Likeable co-workers (Rel)
Someone to help if needed (S)
Creativity—use on the job (I)
Opportunity to learn new things (WC)
Chance for promotion (Rec)
Boss who is fair (S)
Using special talents (A)
Feeling accomplished (A)
Supportive workplace—receiving help when you ask for it (S)
Look at all the Xs in the “Very Important” column. se‎lect three from this column and write them down:
(A) = Achievement
(I) = Independence
(Rec) = Recognition
(Rel) = Relationships
(S) = Support
(WC) = Working Conditions
Very Important‚ Somewhat Important‚ Not Important