Beck Anxiety Inventory (BAI)

1.    Numbness or tingling
2.    Feeling hot
3.    Wobbliness in legs
4.    Unable to relax
5.    Fear of worst happening
6.    Dizzy or lightheaded
7.    Heart pounding/racing
8.    Unsteady
9.    Terrified or afraid
11.Feeling of choking
12.Hands trembling
13.Shaky / unsteady
14.Fear of losing control
15.Difficulty in breathing
16.Fear of dying
19.Faint / lightheaded
20.Face flushed
21.Hot/cold sweats
0- Not At All‚ 1-Mildly; but it didn’t bother me much‚ 2- Moderately; it wasn’t pleasant at times‚ 3- Severely; it bothered me a lot

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