Value of Self-Expression Scale

1. People place too much value on the expression of ideas.
2. I express my feelings publicly‚ regardless of what others say.
3. I do not like to talk about my thoughts to others.
4. The freedom of speech is the most important right.
5. I generally like talking about my thoughts whenever I can.
6. I generally keep my opinions to myself because I do not wish to offend others who may disagree with me.
7. My thoughts are the most important thing about myself.
8. Those who are close to me know my preferences and opinions on many issues.
9. I know preferences and opinions of those who are close to me.
10. Being able to make my own choice is important to me.
11. My opinions and preferences tell who I really am.
1=strongly disagree‚ 2=moderately disagree‚ 3=somewhat disagree‚ 4=neutral‚ 5=somewhat agree‚ 6=moderately agree‚ 7=strongly agree
Reverse coded: 1‚ 3‚ and 6

Kim‚ H. S.‚ & Sherman‚ D. K. (2007). “ Express yourself”: culture and the effect of self- expression on choice. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology‚ 92(1)‚ 1–11.