Traumatic Events Screening Inventory (TESI)

Traumatic Events Screening Inventory (TESI-C; TESI-C-Brief Form; TESI-PRF-R; TESI-CRF-R)

  • Assesses a child’s experience of a variety of potential traumatic
    events including current and previous injuries, hospitalizations,
    domestic violence, community violence, disasters, accidents,
    physical abuse, and sexual abuse.
  • Additional questions assess DSM-IV PTSD Criterion A and other additional information about the specifics of the event(s).

Applicable population

  • Children – Ages vary according to version-TESI-C-age 6-18
  • Normative data – Yes
  • Publisher – The National Center for PTSD; Dartmouth Child Trauma Research Group


  • TESI-C is administered as an interview
  • TESI-PR-R parent report (demonstrated test–retest reliability
    kappas ranging from .50 to .79 (Berent et al., 2008)
  • The TESI-PRR provides a comprehensive analysis of child’s trauma exposure and
    is recommended as the best available option for assessing children’s trauma exposure under 10 (Stover & Berkowitz, 2005)

TESI-CR-F child report form

  • Adminstration time 10-30 min
  • Question format for 24 item version – Yes/No answers plus spaces
  • For example: Has someone ever told you they were going to hurt you really
    badly, or acted like they were going to hurt you really badly?
  • Followed by: When this happened, were you really hurt? Was someone else
    really hurt or even killed?


Ford et al (2002) Veteran affairs National Centre for PTSD.  The TESI-C/ TESI-C-Brief Form is downloadable at: The National Centre for PTSD


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