Adolescent-Family Inventory of Life Events and Changes (A-FILE)

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I. Transitions
1.    Family member started new business (farm‚ store‚ etc).
2.    Parent quit or lost a job.
3.    Parents separated or divorced.
4.    Parent remarried.
5.    Family member was found to have a learning disorder.
6.    Family member was married.
7.    Parents adopted a child.
8.    A member started junior high or high school.
9.    Child or teenage member transferred to a new school.
10.Parent started school.
11.Brother or sister moved away from home.
12.Young adult member entered college‚ vocational training or armed forces.
13.Parent started or changed to a new job.
14.Family moved to a new home.
II. Sexuality
15.Unmarried family member became pregnant.
16.Family member had an abortion.
17.Birth of a brother or sister.
18.Teenager began ha‎ving sexual intercourse.
III. Losses
19.Family went on welfare.
20.Damage to or loss of family property due to fire‚ burglary or other disaster.
21.Brother or sister died.
22.Parent died.
23.Close family relative died.
24.Death of a close friend of family member.
25.Family member or close family friend attempted or committed suicide.
IV. Responsibilities and Strains
26.Family member became seriously ill or injured (NOT hospitalized).
27.Family member was hospitalized.
28.Family member became physically disabled or was         found to have a long-term health problem (allergies‚ asthma‚ diabetes‚ etc.).
29.Family member has emotional problems.
30.Grandparent(s) became seriously ill.
31.Parent(s) have more responsibility to take care of grandparent(s).
32.Family member ran away.
33.More financial debts due to use of credit cards or ch‎arges.
34.Increased family living expenses for medical care‚ food‚ clothing‚ energy costs (gasoline‚ heating).
35.Increase of parent’s time away from family.
36.Child or teenage member resists doing things with family.
37.Increase in arguments between parents.
38.Children or teenagers have more arguments with one another.
39.Parent(s) and teenager(s) have increased arguments (hassles) over use of car or hours to stay out.
40.Parent(s) and teenager(s) have increased arguments (hassles) over choice of friends and/or social activities.
41.Parent(s) and teenager(s) have increased arguments (hassles) over attendance at religious activities.
42.Parent(s) and teenager(s) have increased arguments (hassles) over personal appearance (clothes‚ hair‚ etc.).
43.Increased arguments about getting the jobs done at home.
44.Increased pressure for a member in school to get “good” grades or do well in sports or school activities.
V. Substance
45.Family member uses drugs (not given by doctor).
46.Family member drinks too much alcohol.
47.Child or teenage member was suspended from school or dr‎opped out of school.
48.Parent(s) and teenager(s) have increased arguments (hassles) over use of cigarettes‚ alcohol‚ or drugs.
VI. Legal Conflict
49.Family member went‚ to jail‚ juvenile detention‚ or was placed on court probation.
50.Family member was robbed or attacked (physically or sexually).
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This instrument can be found at:

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