The Multidimensional Ten Commandments Questionnaire (M10CQ)

The Multidimensional Ten Commandments Questionnaire (M10CQ)
William E. Snell‚ Jr. 1995
1. It’s important to have faith in God (i.e.‚ the Judeo-Christian deity).
2. It’s wrong to curse using God’s name.
3. It’s immoral for people to work on Sunday.
4. Children should respect their parents.
5. It’s wrong for people to kill others.
6. Adultery is an immoral act.
7. People should not steal from others.
8. It’s wrong to tell a lie about others.
9. It’s immoral to lust after another person’s spouse.
10. To envy others because of what they own is wrong.
11. It’s wrong to give one’s religious allegiance to idols rather than to the Christian deity.
12. People should not take God’s name in vain.
13. The Lord’s day (Sunday) is meant to be holy.
14. It’s important for children to honor their father and mother.
15. Putting people to death is immoral.
16. It’s improper for married person to have sex with a person other than their spouse.
17. To rob others of their possessions is wrong.
18. It’s important to tell the truth about people when talking about them.
19. To covet a person’s wife or husband is a sin.
20. It’s immoral to have greed for another person’s possessions.
21. People who worship any deity other than the Christian God are being led astray.
22. It’s inappropriate for someone to use the phrase‚ “God damn it.”
23. To work on Sunday (God’s day) means to do wrong.
24. Children should be grateful to their mother and father.
25. Committing murder is a sinful crime.
26. Extra-marital affairs are wrong.
27. Theft is an immoral crime.
28. It’s not all that bad to say untruthful things about others.
29. There’s nothing wrong with longing for another person’s husband or wife.
30. People should not feel jealous about what others own.
31. There are no other divine beings other than God (as in the Bible).
32. The use of God’s name with profanity is immoral.
33. A person who runs a business on Sunday is not living a good Christian life.
34. Parents should be treated with respect by their children.
35. To take someone’s life is an act of extreme wrongdoing.
36. An individual who has a sexual affair with a married person is being sinful.
37. It’s sinful to take what belongs to someone else.
38. It’s immoral to be deceitful with other people.
39. A person who has a sexual desire for a friend’s marriage partner is immoral.
40. It’s a sin to begrudge others because they have something you want.
41. Those who pray to deities other than the Christian God are worshiping false gods.
42. It’s sacrilegious to use God’s name to damn others.
43. To conduct business on a Sunday is equivalent to committing a sin.
44. Children ought to praise and admire their parents.
45. It’s evil for a person to slay another individual.
46. People should not commit adultery.
47. Stealing from others is a moral sin.
48. Those who say false things about their friends are committing a sin.
49. It’s not right to sexually desire the spouse of a married friend.
50. A person ought not to wish for what others have.
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A = Strongly Disagree.
B = Slightly Disagree.
C = Neither.
D = Slightly Agree.
E = Strongly Agree.
I. Commandment # 1: (Items 1‚ 11‚ 21‚ 31‚ 41).
II. Commandment # 2: (Items 2‚ 12‚ 22‚ 32‚ 42).
III. Commandment # 3 : (Items 3‚ 13‚ 23‚ 33‚ 43).
IV. Commandment # 4: (Items 4‚ 14‚ 24‚ 34‚ 44).
V. Commandment # 5: (Items 5‚ 15‚ 25‚ 35‚ 45).
VI. Commandment # 6: (Items 6‚ 16‚ 26‚ 36‚ 46).
VII. Commandment # 7: (Items 7‚ 17‚ 27‚ 37‚ 47).
VIII. Commandment # 8: (Items 8‚ 18‚ 28‚ 38‚ 48).
IX. Commandment # 9: (Items 9‚ 19‚ 29‚ 39‚ 49).
X. Commandment # 10: (Items 10‚ 20‚ 30‚ 40‚ 50).

Snell‚ W. E.‚ Jr. (1995). Measuring the 10 Commandments: Construction and preliminary evidence for reliability and validity. Manuscript in preparation.