Student Adjustment to College Questionnaire (SACQ)

Student Adjustment to College Questionnaire (SACQ)
Baker & Siryk‚ 1984/1989‚  Dahmus & Bernardin‚ 1992
1.    I feel that I fit in well as part of the college environment.
2.    I have been feeling tense or nervous lately.
3.    I have been keeping up to date on my academic work.
4.    I am meeting as many people‚ and making as many friends as I would like at college.
5.    I know why I’m in college and what I want out of it.
6.    I am finding academic work at college difficult.
7.    Lately‚ I have been feeling blue and moody a lot.
8.    I am very involved with social activities in college.
9.    I am adjusting well to college.
10.I have not been functioning well during examinations.
11.I have felt tired much of the time lately.
12.Being on my own‚ taking responsibility for myself‚ has not been easy.
13.I am satisfied with the level at which I am performing academically.
14.I have had informal‚ personal contacts with college professors.
15.I am pleased now about my decision to go to college.
16.I am pleased now about my decision to attend this college in particular.
17.I’m not working as hard as I should at my course work.
18.I have several close social ties at college.
19.My academic goals and purposes are well defined.
20.I haven’t been able to control my emotions very well lately.
21.I’m not really smart enough for academic work I am expected to be doing now.
22.Lonesomeness for home is a source is of difficulty for me now.
23.Getting a college degree is very important for me.
24.My appetite has been good lately.
25.I haven’t been very efficient in the use of study time lately.
26.I enjoy living in a college dormitory. (Please omit if you do not live in a dormitory;
1.    any university housing should be regarded as a dormitory.)
27.I enjoy writing papers for courses.
28.I have been ha‎ving a lot of headaches lately.
29.I really haven’t had much motivation for studying lately.
30.I am satisfied with the extracurricular activities available at college.
31.I’ve given a lot of thought lately to whether I should ask for help form the Psychological/Counseling Services Center or from a psychotherapist outside of college.
32.Lately‚ I have been ha‎ving doubts regarding the value of a college education.
33.I am getting along very well with my roommates(s) at college. (Please omit if you do not have a roommate.)
34.I wish I were at another college or university.
35.I’ve put on (or lost) too much weight recently.
36.I am satisfied with the number and variety of courses available at college.
37.I feel that I have enough social skills to get along well in the college setting.
38.I have been getting angry too easily lately.
39.Recently I have had trouble concentrating when I try to study.
40.I haven’t been sleeping very well.
41.I’m not doing well enough academically for the amount of work I put in.
42.I am ha‎ving difficulty feeling at ease with other people at college.
43.I am satisfied with the quality or the caliber of courses available at college.
44.I am attending classes regularly.
45.Sometimes my thinking gets muddled up too easily.
46.I am satisfied with the extent to which I am participating in social activities at college.
47.I expect to stay at this college for a bachelor’s degree.
48.I haven’t been mixing too well with the opposite sex lately.
49.I worry a lot about my college expenses.
50.I am enjoying my academic work at college.
51.I have been feeling lonely a lot at college lately.
52.I am ha‎ving a lot trouble getting started on homework assignments.
53.I feel I have good control over my life situation at college.
54.I am satisfied with my program of courses for this semester/quarter.
55.I have been feeling in good health lately.
56.I feel I am very different from other students at college in ways that I don’t like.
57.On balance‚ I would rather be home than here.
58.Most of the things I am interested in are not related to any of my course work at college.
59.Lately I have been giving a lot of thought to transferring to another college.
60.Lately I have been giving a lot thought to dr‎opping out of college altogether and for good.
61.I find myself giving considerable thought to taking time off from college and finishing later.
62.I am very satisfied with the professors I have now in my courses.
63.I have some good friends or acquaintances at college with whom I can talk about any problems I may have.
64.I am experiencing a lot of difficulty coping with the stresses imposed upon me in college.
65.I am quite satisfied with my social life at college.
66.I’m quite satisfied with my academic situation at college
67.I feel confident that I will be able to deal in a satisfactory manner with future challenges here at college.
9-point Likert scale ranging from “Doesn’t apply to me at all” to “Applies very closely to me”

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