Need for Relatedness at College Questionnaire (NRC-Q) Revised Version

Need for Relatedness at College Questionnaire (NRC-Q) Revised Version
Guiffrida‚ et al.‚ 2008
I go to college . . .
1.    To be able to help my family.
2.    To meet friends who can relate to me and around whom I am comfortable.
3.    To connect with a mentor who will support me and look out for me.
4.    Because I want to make my family and friends from home proud of me.
5.    Because I am interested in connecting with faculty who have expertise in my areas of interest.
6.    To relate to my friends from home who have gone to college.
7.    To get to know faculty and staff whom I can learn from and feel comfortable around.
8.    To help me talk to my friends or family members.
9.    To become a member of an interesting and fun student organization.
10.To keep up with family members or friends from home.
11.To give back to my family.
12.To make new friends.
Relatedness with peers‚ Relatedness with faculty and staff‚ Relatedness with family and friends fromhome (give back) and Relatedness with family and friends from home (keep up).
1 (does not correspond at all) to 7 (corresponds exactly)
Factor 1 “Relatedness with Peers” (items 2‚ 9‚ 12)‚ Factor 2 “home‚ give back” (items 1‚ 4‚ 11)‚ Factor 3 “Relatedness to Faculty” (items 3‚ 5‚ 7) and Factor 4 “Home‚ Keep up” (items 6‚ 8 and 10) 

Guiffrida‚ Douglas.‚ Gouveia ‚ Ana.‚ Wall ‚ Andrew.‚ Seward‚ Derek. (2008). Development and Validation of the Need for Relatedness at College Questionnaire (NRC-Q). Journal of Diversity in Higher Education‚ 1(4)‚ 251–261.