Inventory of College Student’s Recent Life Experiences ICSRLE

1. Conflict with your boyfriend’s/girlfriend’s/spouse’s family
2. Being let down or disappointed by a friend
3. Conflict with a professor
4. Social rejection
5. Too many things to do at once
6. Being taken for granted
7. Financial conflicts with family members
8. ha‎ving your trust betrayed by a friend
9. Separation from people you care about
10. Struggling to meet your own academic standards
11. ha‎ving your contributions overlooked
12. Being taken advantage of
13. Not enough leisure time
14. A lot of responsibilities
15. Struggling to meet the academic standards of others
16. Dissatisfaction with school
17. Decisions about intimate relationships
18. Not enough time to meet your obligations
19. Dissatisfaction with your mathematical ability
20. Important decision about your future career
21. Financial Burdens
22. Dissatisfaction with your reading ability
23. Important decisions about your education
24. Loneliness
25. Lower grades than you had hoped for
26. Conflict with teaching assistant(s)/tutors
27. Not enough time for sleep
28. Conflicts with your family
29. Heavy demands from extracurricular activities
30. Finding courses too demanding
31. Conflicts with friends
32. Hard effort to get ahead
33. Poor health of a friend
34. Disliking your studies
35. Getting “ripped off” or cheated in the purchase of services
36. Social conflicts over smoking
37. Difficulties with transportation
38. Disliking fellow student(s)
39. Conflicts with boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse
40. Dissatisfaction with your ability for written expression
41. Interruptions of your school work
42. Social isolation
43. Long waits to get service (e.g.‚ at banks‚ stores)
44. Being ignored
45. Dissatisfaction with your physical appearance
46. Finding course(s) uninteresting
47. Gossip concerning someone you care about
48. Failing to get an expected job
49. Dissatisfaction with your athletic skills
1= not at all a part of my life‚ to 4= very much part of my life
This instrument can be found on page 116 of “Differences in Perceived Stress‚ Affect‚ Anxiety‚ and Coping Ability Among College Students in Physical Education Courses”. Available online at:

Kohn‚ P. M.‚ Lafreniere‚ K.‚ & Gurevich‚ M. (1990). The inventory of college students’ recent life experiences: A decontaminated hassles scale for a special population.Journal of Behavioral Medicine‚ 13(6)‚ 619-630.

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