Short Acculturation Scale for Hispanics (SASH)

Short Acculturation Scale for Hispanics (SASH)
Marin‚ Sabogal‚ Marin‚ Otero-Sabogal‚ & Perez-Stable‚ 1987
1. In general‚ what language(s) do you read and speak?
2. What was the language(s) you used as a child?
3. What language(s) do you usually speak at home?
4. In which language(s) do you usually think?
5. What language(s) do you usually speak with your friends?
6. In what language(s) are the TV programs you usually watch?
7. In what language(s) are the radio programs you usually listen to?
8. In general‚ in what language(s) are the movies‚ TV‚ and radio programs you prefer to watch and listen to?
9. Your close friends are;
10. You prefer going to social gatherings/parties at which the people are;
11. The persons you visit or who visit you are;
12. If you could choose your children’s friends‚ you would want them to be.
Language use; media; and ethnic social relations
Alpha for 12 Items 0.92‚ language 0.90‚ media 0.86 and ethnic social relations 0.86
This instrument can be found at:
Items 1–8: 1 = Only Spanish; 2 = Spanish better than English; 3 = Both equally; 4 = English better than Spanish; 5 = OnlyEnglish
Items 9–12: 1 = All Latinos/Hispanics; 2 = More Latinos than Americans; 3 = About half and half; 4 = More Americans than Latinos; 5 = All Americans

Marin‚ G.‚ Sabogal‚ F.‚ Marin‚ B.V.‚ Otero-Sabogal‚ R.‚ & Perez-Stable‚ E.J. (1987). Development of a short acculturation scale for Hispanics. Hispanic Journal of Behavioral Sciences‚ 9‚ 183–205.

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