Self-Efficacy and Externality Scales (I-SEE)

1.    Whether or not other people respect my wishes is mostly up to me.
2.    To a great extent my life is controlled by accidental happenings.
3.     I feel like what happens to me in my life is mostly determined by powerful people. 
4.    Sometimes I feel I have no ideas and don’t want to do anything.
5.    Whether or not I have an accident depends entirely on my behavior.  
6.    When I make plans. I am almost certain to make them work. 
7.    Often there is no chance of protecting my personal interests from bad luck happenings.  
8.    I don’t like ambiguous situations‚ because I don’t know how to behavior or what to do.  
9.    When 1 get what I want it’s usually because I’m lucky.  
10.Other people often prevent my plans from becoming reality.
11.I can do a lot to protect myself from disease. 
12.I often don’t know what to do to make my wishes come true.
13.Much of what happens to me in my life is a matter of coincidence.  
14.My life is chiefly controlled by powerful others. 
15.Whether or not I have an accident is mostly a matter of luck.
16.I know many ways of protecting myself from dis ease.  
17.I have little chance of protecting my personal interests when they conflict with those of other people.
18.It’s not wise for me to plan too far ahead because many things turn out to be a matter of good or bad luck.
19.Getting what I want requires pleasing those people above me.
20.In unclear or dangerous situations I always know what to do.
21.It is sheer coincidence when somebody else ever considers my wishes.
22.My well-being depends to a great extent on the behavior of other people.
23.I can pretty much determine what will happen in my life.
24.Sometimes I just don’t know at all what to do in a given situation.
25.I am usually able to protect my personal interests. 
26.Whether or not I have an accident depends to a large extent on the behaviors of others.
27.When I get what I want‚ it’s usually because I worked hard for it.
28.I can usually think of many alternative ways of dealing with even difficult situations.
29.In order to have my plans work I make sure that they fit in with the desires of people who have power over me.
30.My life is determined by my own actions.
31.Whether I fall ill or not is a matter of fate.
32.I can usually think of many ways of solving my problems.
“strongly agree”‚ “moderately agree” ‚ “slightly agree”‚ “slightly disagree”‚ “moderately disagree”‚ “strongly disagree”
Self-efficacy: (Internal 1‚ 5‚ 6‚ 11‚ 23‚ 25‚ 27‚ and 30)‚ own competence (4‚ 8‚ 12‚ 16‚ 20‚ 24‚ 28‚ and 32)
Externality: (powerful others control 3‚ 10‚ 14‚ 17‚ 19‚ 22‚ 26‚ and 29)‚ (chance control 2‚ 7‚ 9‚ 13‚ 15‚ 18‚ 21‚ and 31)

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