School Success Profile Learning Organization (SSP-LO)

At my school‚ we:
a.    Work together as a team.
b.    Welcome and appreciate new ideas.
c.    Seek ideas and opinions from students.
d.    Share ideas and information with one another about how to make this school more effective.
e.    Agree that it is better to try new things and risk failure than not to try at all.
f.     Plan with intended results in mind.
g.    Turn to one another for consultation and advice.
h.    Keep an open mind about new ways of doing things.
i.      Work with parents as partners in the educational process.
j.     Feel comfortable sharing our learning experiences with one another.
k.    View mistakes as opportunities for learning.
l.      Focus our efforts on achieving measurable results.
m. Meet together to address challenges and solve problems.
n.    Are willing to experiment with new practices.
o.    Engage and collaborate with community agencies and organizations.
A.    Learning Organization Profile
p.    Maintain open lines of communication.
q.    Learn from those experiences where our results fall short of defined goals.
r.     Evaluate results against previously defined goals.
s.    Share a high level of investment in what we are here to do.
t.     Value and acknowledge one another as individuals.
u.    Feel a sense of connection and loyalty to one another.
v.    Can count on one another for help and support.
w.   Show kindness and thoughtfulness to one another.
x.    Feel a strong sense of meaning and purpose in our work.
y.    Feel confident that we can make a positive difference in students’ lives.
z.    Treat one another as competent professionals.
aa.Celebrate special occasions‚ accomplishments‚ and milestones.
bb.Trust one another.
cc. Offer care and support for one another in times of personal and family need.
dd.Approach our work with hopefulness and optimism.
ee.Share a common belief in the importance of our work.
ff.   Respect and appreciate individual differences.
gg.Enjoy working together.
hh.Demonstrate honesty and personal integrity in our work together.
ii.     ii. Treat one another as both colleagues and friends.
jj.    Believe we can make a positive difference in this school’s ability to meet its performance goals.
Personal and School outcome Profile
2. How would you describe your overall state of health these days? Excellent‚ Very Good‚ Good‚ Fair‚ Poor‚ Extremely Poor
3. Overall‚ how satisfied are you with your job at this school? Satisfied‚ Very Satisfied‚ Slightly Satisfied‚ Slightly Dissatisfied‚ Dissatisfied‚ Very Dissatisfied
4. Please indicate your level of agreement with the following statement: I can make a positive difference in the ability of this school to meet its performance objectives for students. Strongly Agree‚ Agree‚ Slightly Agree‚ Slightly Disagree‚ Disagree‚ Strongly Disagree
5. How likely are you to continue your employment at the school for another academic year?
·         Does not apply; I will retire at the end of this academic year or I am a temporary employee.
·         (0 in 10) No Chance
·         (1 in 10) Very Slight Chance
·         (2 in 10) Slight Possibility
·         (3 in 10) Some Possibility
·         (4 in 10) Fair Possibility
·         (5 in 10) Fairly Good Possibility
·         (6 in 10) Good Possibility
·         (7 in 10) Probable
·         (8 in 10) Very Probable
·         (9 in 10) Almost Sure
·         (10 in 10) Certain
6. What grade would you assign to the performance of your school in addressing the educational needs of all students?
A.    Well Above Average
B.    Above Average
C.    Average
D.   Below Average
E.    Well Below Average
7. What grade would you assign to the potential of your school for addressing the educational needs of all students?
A.    Well Above Average
B.    Above Average
C.    Average
D.   Below Average
E.    Well Below Average
About You
8. My current position is best described as:
·         Administrator
·         Specialist (e.g.‚ counselor‚ psychologist)
·         Teacher
·         Teacher Assistant
·         Other Employee
9. How many years have you been assigned to this school?
A.    Less than one year
B.    One year but less than five years
C.    Five years or more
School Leadership Profile
10. The school leadership profile lists 20 descriptive statements about administrators at your school. Please indicate the extent to which you agree (strongly disagree to strongly agree) that each statement is descriptive of administrators at the school at which you are employed. All employees‚ including administrators‚ are encouraged to complete this profile.
At my school‚ administrators:
a.    Are clear about their direction and priorities for school improvement.
b.    Keep employees focused on desired results and the group’s collective goals.
c.    Meet challenges and concerns head on.
d.    Closely monitor the implementation of plans and actions.
e.    Hold employees accountable for agreed upon decisions and standards of performance.
f.     Promote a supportive and caring work environment.
g.    Convey appreciation for employee contributions.
h.    Treat employees with courtesy and respect.
i.      Are sensitive to the needs and concerns of employees.
j.     Show kindness and thoughtfulness to employees.
k.    Are open to new ideas for addressing school-related problems and issues.
l.      Encourage dialogue and debate in setting priorities for school improvement.
m. Pose questions that stimulate m. thinking and reflection.
n.    Welcome differences in opinion about ways to improve school performance.
o.    Encourage employees to share their learning experiences with one another.
p.    Attribute school-related success to either the efforts of others or good luck rather than to self.
q.    Acknowledge that they do not have all the answers to address school-related problems and issues.
r.     Assume responsibility for their own mistakes.
s.    Are quick to acknowledge the good ideas and contributions of others.
t.     Are reluctant to accept credit for their own contributions in overcoming problems and producing results.
1 = Strongly disagree‚ 2 = Disagree‚ 3 = Slightly disagree‚ 4= Slightly agree‚ 5= Agree‚ 6= Strongly agree

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